My 4am story

As expected, my day started at 417am because Allie started grumbling and doing WWF leg slams on her mattress.

I wanted to train her to go back to sleep on her own and to avoid feeding her before 5am (which was our practice with Clarissa at the same age).

Just 43 minutes to 5am, we can do this.

So I did not get up to pat her.

Instead I talked to her each time she grumbled loudly.

It worked, because I could hear her drifting back to sleep after 30 minutes.

She was probably hungry?

The hubs gave her a dream feed at 1145pm.. and she staged a milk strike in her dream. 😂

Drank only half of the milk and started shouting when her Daddy tried to make her drink more.

The hubs was so angry he started growling back at her. 😂

I told him to just go to sleep. If she’s hungry later on, I’d be here to feed her anyway.

But he left the room angry. 😂


This is exactly what our helper and I go through, every 3-4 hours, everyday, for the past 3 (or is it 4) weeks. Trying to feed her and not knowing when she’d be putting up a fight.

These days she’d use both her hands to hold the bottle and pull it out of her mouth when she decides she’d enough? And if we try to feed her again, she’d grab our hand and push it away. 👍😒

I still get frustrated from time to time, but ever since Clarissa’s advice to “Give her a kiss, Mummy” I’ve become a little more Zen about her milk strikes.

You can’t talk sense or logic to an infant.

Just because she hasn’t had milk for more than 4 hours already doesn’t mean she should drink milk now.

Just because she needs to fuel up to sleep properly though the night doesn’t mean she should finish her milk.

Yes, that’s the sensible and logical thing to do, but when you try explaining it to a baby, you lose.

Come up with 232 reasons why she should finish her milk, you still lose.

Because she’s still not going to drink if she’s already decided not to. 😅😂

I spoke to her PD briefly about the situation when I was there with Clarissa, and she said it looks like she’s ready for solids.

But I’m not ready. 😅😂

So I guess we’ll talk to the PD in more detail next week when we are there for her 4th month jabs.

Anyway I digress.

Back to my 4am story.

Why am I writing about boring stuff that’s been happening every day?

Because here comes the twist.

At 445am, when the baby was dozing off, I heard Clarissa’s room door open. A grubby little hand turned the handle of the study room door and released it as soon as the door swung open.


Clarissa came into the room.

Again, in situations like this, there is no need to ask why she’s up or what she thinks she’s doing here.

If it’s not a diaper leak, it must be because there are monsters in her room. 😂😂

I knew Meimei wasn’t in deep sleep yet, but there was no way she could continue sleeping if Jiejie stayed in the room.

So I took Clarissa back to her room, and lay in bed with her to make her sleep again. She held my hand tightly while I tried not to listen too hard for Meimei’s crying.

At 515am, once I was sure she was sound asleep, I crept out of her room like any self respecting mother would.. and entered the study / Meimei’s room where a symphony of crying greeted me.

In the past I’d feel a little stressed about the loud crying, because my self-imposed “KPI” during Clarissa’s infant days was not to wake the hubs or neighbours.

But nowadays I don’t feel stressed or flustered, because I know no one would hear her anyway. 😆😆

I immediately picked her up, and told her I’d make milk for her. I tried to leave her in the cot but she started crying loudly again.

She’d usually wait for me in the cot while I made milk? I guess she must be really hangry. 😂

So I brought her into the kitchen with me and made milk for her using just my left hand. #motherhoodlevelup

Changed her diaper, fed her, she finished everything and seemed to want more (but sorry no more).

She fell asleep, and I made up for leaving her alone in the room by letting her sleep on me for an extra 15 minutes before putting her back into her cot.

I was barely asleep when she stirred. I got up to turn her to one side. She continued sleeping for 30 minutes before grumbling again.

I got up and put her into the sarong.

She barely dozed off..

And the room door opened again.


It was 655am and Clarissa was up again.

This time, she woke her Daddy up too so Daddy took over Meimei while I went with Jiejie.

Decided she should go to school today so she got changed.

And long story short, everyone was up by 730am because why sleep in when it’s already Friday! 😂

There is a field trip to ECP today and we decided to let Clarissa go. Her cough is much better and some fresh air would be good for her!

She had been staying at home for so long she told me she wants to keep staying at home.

On any normal day she’d have jumped in excitement at the idea of going for a picnic and playground time at ECP.

“For what?” I asked her.

“To play with Mummy,” she said. “I don’t want to go to school.”

Alarm bells rang in my head. I told the hubs about it, and we spent some time reminding her about the benefits of going to school. 😅


She’s visibly happy and excited about going to school this morning. We reminded her not to eat sweets / chocolate / ice cream and not to drink anything cold.

And the hubs kept trying to test her by casually asking her, “Hey Clarissa! Want to eat Yan Yan?” / “Hey Clarissa! There’s vanilla ice-cream in the fridge! You want some?” / “Hey Clarissa! You want Ribena?”

Each time she’d smile and say, “No Daddy! Only when I recover. Then I can eat ice cream and waffle.”

Lol that’s our girl.

I told her we’d bring her out for a proper waffle and ice-cream treat after she recovers fully.

It’s working so far in motivating her to take her meds and drink more water. ✌

It’s 10am now and I feel like so much has already happened. 😅

And I’ve just received 2 new designer bags. Black ones, under my eyes.😩😂

P.S. a possible insight on why Baby is not drinking her milk.

Daddy: (To Baby this morning) Why you so naughty last night? Don’t want to drink your milk?

Clarissa: Because she already had her drumstick! So she’s not hungry anymore!


Yep, said “drumstick”. Can top up and get some fries too.

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