Allie’s first full flip, and a little bit of everything

The little boss is feeling much better today!

But no school for her because Daddy wanted her to rest at home for another day instead of risking to catch any new virus(es) from school.

Her face literally lit up.

In fact she’d already told her Yaya she was going to school because I made no mention of her staying at home after she finished her morning milk.

She got bored and asked to watch 2 videos, her quota for each day.

I said it’s too early. And anyway she is supposed to be resting.

“Ok Mummy, later can I watch 2 videos while resting?” She asked me, very politely.

Subsequently she’d ask me, every 10 minutes:

“Mummy, is it still early?”

Which was a trick question. 😂

I’d tell her, yes it is still early.

She’d say, ok Mummy I’m just checking.


I went through “The Plan” for today: Playdoh, shower, lunch, meds, play, milk, nap.

She listened before adding, again very politely:

“Mummy, I just want to remind you about the two videos?

Omg did she just say she wants to “remind me”? 😂

Later on, it evolved to become:

“Mummy can you please remind me to watch two videos later?”

Erm I’m sure you don’t need a reminder. 😂😂

She eventually got to watch her 2 videos after lunch.

Haha delayed gratification.

Except for weekends they seldom see each other in the morning.

So this morning, Meimei kept looking at Jiejie with 😍😍 eyes and Jiejie was very happy about Meimei smiling at her.

“Meimei smile at me twice!” She announced to her Yaya. “She’s not smiling at you!”

And then they spent the rest of the day waking each other up from each other’s naps. 😥

Late morning:

Meimei did her first proper flip from back to tummy to lifting her head up, all on her own.

She usually does 2/3s of the full works but most of the time she isn’t too keen on flipping at all. 😂

We suspect she went all out because she was trying to get hold of Mama duck.

Anyway I didn’t manage to capture it on video because I was quite frazzled. Didn’t have my phone at first and after I grabbed it, Clarissa was busy trying to tell us how we were “too loud”. 😅

I snapped some pictures quickly while she flipped a second time, and tried to take a video – which showed nothing 😂 – and that was it.

Our helper was very excited and happy about Allie flipping so we were just chatting about it.

I guess Clarissa was feeling a little left out. 😅

Late afternoon:

On impulse, I bought two foldable kid’s stools from qoo10.

Clarissa has been using this very cute chair my mum bought for her since a long time ago.

This chair makes a shrill squeaking noise whenever she sits on it.

Which is fine in the beginning, because I’d use it to ask her to sit properly.

If she sits only on the edge of it, the chair won’t squeak. So I’d get her to ensure that the chair squeaks when she sits down, because that’d mean her posture is right.

Obviously this has now backfired on me because I’ve been jumping up everytime it squeaks, wondering if the baby has woken up.

The chair squeaked about 382 times today, and half the time, the baby would either stir or wake up from her nap.

I was nearly going to chew my hair off listening to the shrill squeaks and not being able to do anything about it because it’s not Jiejie’s or anyone’s fault that it’s squeaking. 😅😂

So while the chair was squeaking away (Because Clarissa kept sitting down and standing up and walking away and sitting down again), I went onto qoo10 to buy new, silent stools instead.

Concert day

I’m wondering what the best way of posting videos on WordPress would be.

I know I can upload it directly and unlike on Dayre it would not be limited to just 15 seconds.

But there’s a 3GB limit to any free account.. which I’ve used up 1/3 already after the export.

Hmm so I’ve uploaded them on YouTube instead.

Months of the Year: A rock concert

Check out the dramatic rendition for “December”, possibly the best month of the year. 😂

Drum and rattler (and a smiling baby)

I didn’t manage to catch the part of baby shaking her rattler while Jiejie was hitting the drum.

But aye just post since I took a video. 😅

Clarissa asked for permission before taking the drum out.

“Meimei not sleeping so can I play with the drum?”

I said ok, but regretted after 5 minutes. 😅😂

It’s 2234 now, and I’ve just been babbling on.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this entry. 😂

Just like how I’m not sure if I’d be waking up at 4am later, again.

I feel so.. fried. 😭

Oh, one more thing since this post is as all over the place as it can get all over the place.

Meimei was a little grumpy this evening, after a series of milk and nap strikes. 😅

I was carrying her when the hubs came home.

He took over and started (pretending) to scold her for not drinking her milk.

She had this cute guilty-grumpy face on and refused to look at her Daddy! No matter how the hubs tried to turn her around to face him, she’d either look down or up or away or at me or at her Yaya.


So fast 叛逆期 already? 😂