Visit to the PD

I’m sitting in bed, literally, just watching the little boss take her nap.

She dozed off 30 minutes ago, and had been coughing non-stop since.

I have a plastic bag on standby.

Poor thing, she is coughing really hard. Yet she’s so tired she keeps dozing off again.

She wasn’t coughing so much when we were out to see her PD. :(

Apparently she woke up in the middle of the night to remind her Yaya to wash her Mama duck today.

Mama duck was smelling of puke last night so I persuaded her to let Mama duck go for a wash, and to sleep with Baby duck instead.

She obliged without much protest, so I thought she was ok with it.

The first thing she told me when she woke up this morning was, “Mummy, I never cry! Yaya will wash Mama duck and Mama duck will smell so good again!”


The hubs left the house early to get a queue number at the clinic and I took a cab over before the scheduled time.

I was walking quite fast while holding her hand, and the little boss had to remind me, “Mummy, I cannot catch up with you.”

But there were still 5-6 patients in the queue before our turn so we went around looking for a place to sit.

She didn’t want to stop at Yakun. 😢😭😂

Nor did she want Toastbox or Macs.

But she saw this couch in Starbucks and was ok with it.

Sat there on her own while I went to get a drink for myself and a bagel for her. I kept checking on her every 2 minutes and she was just chilling there looking outside.

She even had mood to go shopping after seeing the doctor. Led me to motherworks to look at toys after I was done getting pads from Watsons. 😂

And she sang non-stop on our way home.

Including Old McDonald’s.

And on the farm

There was an uncle

Yee Yai Yee Yai Oh

Talk talk here talk talk there

Here talk there talk everywhere talk talk

Luckily the cab uncle wasn’t paying attention to her. 😅

She said hello and goodbye and thank you to him very politely though. 😊

She coughed a little while eating her lunch.

“Mummy, why you never say ‘bless you’?” She asked me.

“Huh, cough also must say ‘bless you’? I thought it’s only when you sneeze?” I said to her.

“Yah cough also must say. Sneeze also must say. Yawn also must say,” She told me like it was the norm. 😂

So I told the hubs she can probably go to school tomorrow.

But now hearing her cough so much while sleeping.. I just feel bad for her.

She was very well behaved at the doctor’s and finished her meds after she had lunch, even though she told me the meds were not nice.

I hope she gets better soon.

Her PD said she probably didn’t recover fully from her previous cough so it feels much worse.

Her lungs are ok though there is some phlegm. No antibiotics needed!