A new scooter! (And other hilarious updates)

Over at the hubs’ friend’s place last Saturday evening, the little boss tried scooting for the first time, with C Didi’s scooter.


When the hubs sent me a series of photos with her and C Didi – mostly of her scooting happily and C Didi laughing and following behind – I knew it was coming.

The moment she got home, she told me excitedly about how she scooted.

“Mummy, I really like the scooter you know? Can I buy a scooter please?”

She asked.

I told her I’d discuss with her Daddy, but when I looked at her Daddy’s face I knew he’d already decided to get one for her. 😅

So on Sunday evening, we headed down to Decathlon to get her a scooter.

Trying it out for confirmation lol

Back home, after dinner.

I was busy taking photos of Meimei lol while she scooted around.

“Mummy, take a picture of me and my scooter!”

Oookay. 😆

I was quite surprised to find that scooters aren’t expensive!

We got hers for S$34.90, including the stepping board. She chose blue, of course.

(And then I saw a blog post of a dayremum I follow, where she too bought a scooter.. And it cost a whooping S$195. 😅😂

So it can be expensive too.)

Yesterday we had a secret agent in our house. 😂

Hahahahaha. Suddenly the Mission: Impossible soundtrack rings in my head 🤣
Secret agent reading a book


Pitch perfect

My colleague came over to visit and see the girls on Sunday. A very sweet and chirpy girl, and very young, so Clarissa calls her Jiejie. 😉

We were having lunch together, and they had this really funny exchange.

Little boss: Jiejie, why is your voice like that? You need to drink water!

(Note: My colleague has naturally low voice lol.)

Hubs: No, Jiejie’s voice is like this. It’s just low.

Little boss: Huh but I don’t understand. What’s low?

Jiejie: (Started to demonstrate) Yes my voice is LOW (Made her voice really deep and low hahahaha) but your voice is HIGH (Changed her voice to sound very high pitched and cute)

Little boss: (Frowning) I still don’t understand. My WHOLE family don’t understand!

Jiejie: 😅😅😅

Hahahaha. Hello, what whole family? We understand ok?

I guess she can only relate high vs. low with height but not voice? 😂

Anyway the girls love this big Jiejie! The three of them have the same smiling eyes! 😄😄😄

The little boss even made Jiejie build bricks with her? 😂

I kept thinking of their conversation and couldn’t help but laugh to myself.

It also struck me, suddenly, that she actually understands the word “understand”?


She’s also invented a new word recently.

Whenever I tickle her, she’d laugh and exclaim:

So ticklelishi!

I tried to correct her, it’s “ticklish”, not “ticklelishi”; don’t need the “shi” at the back.

But she insisted.

“There’s ‘tickle’ and there’s ‘ticklelishi’. They are different you know?

She even held out one hand for “tickle” and the other hand for “ticklelishi” to show me that they are different words? 😂

Maybe she’s been learning Japanese? 😅😅


It seems that little boys like to disturb her? 😂

We were at the playground one morning and there was a 2 year-old boy who went there with his parents.

He went up to Clarissa and tried to tickle (?) her before holding her face with both hands.

He wasn’t being rough or anything but Clarissa just stood there, frozen, and frowned. 😂

His parents quickly apologized and I told them it’s ok.

The hubs told me C Didi, also 2 years old, kept disturbing her too, either touching her head or putting toys on her head?

Clarissa heard our conversation and added, “Yah, I was just playing on my own. And suddenly there was an apple on my head? C Didi put the apple on my head.”


“Oh what did you do then?” I asked her.

She sighed and said, “Then I just let him put lor.”

Boys will be boys eh? 😂