Four months young!

And just like that, this little sweetheart turns four months young today.

Obligatory drumstick-tasting ceremony 😅

The days are long, some nights are longer than the days, and some days are longer than the nights.. But the months, they are short.

3 months vs. 4 months

What a difference a month makes.

She can sit up straighter now, grab things and is definitely taller. 😁

Ooh taking photos?
Let me sneak a bite first!
Woohoo sliding is fun!
And here’s one with my Jiejie!
It’s funny, isn’t it? Time flies.
Right, bunny?
I can now grab things, but toys? I usually throw them aside.
I prefer grabbing my clothes, or Mummy’s hair.. or my own hair.

Hahahaha there was once she grabbed her own hair and pulled it so hard it hurt, and she shouted at me in pain.. But continued pulling it. 😂

And sucking my fist, oh yes.
It’s quite salty though..
Jiejie loves me so she leaves a lot of toys on my bouncer for me before she goes to school..
So I play lor!

Dear Allie,

Thank you for being the cheerful little sweetheart you are, mismatched clothes or not.

Thank you for your bright, unreserved, disarming toothless smile that makes every long day or night seem insignificant.

Thank you for your sweet nature, and for being more patient than you need to.

As usual, I’m completely exhausted at the end of the weekends and I’m not quite sure what I’m babbling on anymore.

But please know that we love you, very much. It’s been fun and fulfilling loving you and getting to know you.

As much as I hope you will end your milk, and sometimes sleep, strike soon, I wish even more that you will continue to grow up healthy, happy and safe.

Happy 4 months darling!

Love, Mummy.