Now that the exporting frenzy has somewhat subsided, there is a new feature on dayxport!

Favorite word: Little!

Lol. Must be the frequent mention of the big little boss and the small little boss. 1.8x per post on average.

Speaking of which, here’s another round-up of #thingsclarissasays.

I should really start categorizing my posts, but the flesh is weak. 😂

A Shark’s Tale

Our helper made fried rice and fried wanton for dinner last night. The fried wanton was the triangular kind with crispy skin and meat filling in the middle.

Which is right up the little boss’ alley.

Anything crunchy and crispy, she likes.

She pulled the entire plate in front of her and helped herself to 2 pieces even before I got to it.

(But as expected she eventually finished the crispy parts and passed the meat back to me. 🙄)

It’s a wanton! It’s a shark! It’s an aeroplane!

She was having so much fun with it.

One moment it was a fish she was feeding to the shark. The next moment it became the shark itself.

“The shark is going to bite you!” She exclaimed.

“Oh no, the shark is going to EAT Daddy! Because Daddy is so big!”

Our helper pretended to be alarmed and asked her, “Oh dear is the shark going to eat me?”

She paused and said to her Yaya:

No lah! The shark only eats silly people! You are not silly people what!

Hahahaha I have no idea where all that came from.

Poor Daddy. 😂

She loves him a lot ok. She’s always asking me why Daddy isn’t home yet.

Last night she said she was happy because “Daddy came home earlier today.”

Not sure why she sent a shark after him.

Probably to chase him home. 😅😂

Mummy 1, Clarissa 1

Last evening’s Character-of-the-day was “Baby”.

Cue deliberately slurred words and a preschooler who tried to cling onto me.

But “Baby”, in her slurred baby voice and deliberately long pauses in between her words, asked me, “Mummy, later can I have an oreo cookie?”

I almost cheered but I kept calm and said, “But babies can’t eat cookies because they have no teeth right?”

Almost immediately her mind clicked and she said to me:

Mummy, how about you celebrate my birthday now and I will become Clarissa?

Hahaha I said yes of course and we started singing the birthday song.

She got her cookie, I got her off my hips. 🤣

It’s about the money

So she noticed my cracked phone screen and was concerned.

“How about you buy a new phone, Mummy?” She asked.

I told her I do not have the money for it.

She was puzzled. She saw me opening my wallet and said to me, “See? You have money what.”

I said, “But it’s not enough to buy a new phone!”

“You ask Daddy to buy for you? Daddy has A LOT of money you know?” She was so helpful.

“It’s ok, I can get one on my own. But I’m not working now. So I have no money,” I told her.

The next morning, after a super early and rough start with Allie, I went back to bed after Clarissa got changed for school.

“Mummy, wake up! Why you lie down again?” She asked.

“Huh I’m going back to sleep because I’m so tired!” I felt like I was the kid.

“You have to get up and go to work!” She said. “Then you will have money to buy your phone!”

Wise words, baby.