A very long day

Start of our long-day Sunday.

Jiejie was all ready for the day’s adventure while unimpressed Meimei was unimpressed. 😂

We were up early, but I had a snooze until 830am while the hubs took bubs1 out to the living room for breakfast. I was feeling quite tired because bubs2 had been waking up at 4am for two nights in a row (make that three now, including last night).

I pumped and then bathed bubs2 while the hubs showered bubs1.

And then we all got changed and left the house.

We figured we won’t be able to make it in time for bubs1’s 2pm swimming lesson so we decided to head over to my parents’ place for a swim instead.

First stop: Temple. Hubs did the praying while I took both bubs for a prayer before sitting down to wait.

Second stop: Hubs’ aunt’s place.

I was contemplating if I should bring along the kangeroo (carrier) but the hubs said, “Don’t worry! We’d have a lot of people who’d want to help carry her!”

So we left it in the car.

It turned out that he was right, but we were wrong. Indeed help was offered immediately after we stepped into the house, but she was wailing like someone was hitting her. 😅

We thought she’d be what the older folks call an “easy” baby who’d let anyone carry her, because she’s so smiley.

But it looks like she might have stranger anxiety just like her Jiejie?

She was crying so much, and continued crying for quite a while even after we went into one of the bedrooms to calm her down.

Ah-gong was quite funny? He said to her, “Aiyo crying ah? Come, let Ah-gong carry you so you won’t cry anymore.” LOL.

He meant it as a joke, because the night before he was at our place and Meimei cry-shouted at him when he carried her. 😂😂

The MVP of the day was Jiejie Clarissa.

She was uncomfortable with the crowd and kept following me around at first. But she overcame it very quickly and allowed her Godmama (Hubs’ godma) to feed her (No dining area for little ones for her to self-feed) so that her Daddy can eat, and I could stay in the room with Meimei.

When it was time for us to leave, she said goodbye to the hosts politely.

Meimei is quite ok sitting in the car seat, but similar to her sister when she was a baby, the car has to be moving. 😅

Everytime we stopped at a traffic light she’d start squirming and whining.

I told Clarissa that she was like this too as a baby. She smiled and said, “Why Meimei always copy me!”

Hahaha but at the next traffic light, she turned to her sister and said, “It’s OK Meimei, the car will move soon, ok?”

Both girls eventually fell asleep on our way to my parents’.

Sitting on Daddy couch and talking and laughing at the characters on TV?! 😂

She was back to her usual self at my parents’ place. She let my mum carry her and kept smiling at whatever my mum said.

She drank milk and slept in my parents’ room while Jiejie went for a swim with Daddy.

She slept for less than 40 minutes though and was up when her Daddy and sister came back.

We had dinner at my parents’ and she took another 30 minutes nap on Daddy mattress before we headed home.

Milk Strike

Her erratic drinking pattern is still going strong after almost a week.

She drank only 60ml before we left the house. Finished the 100ml I gave her at aunt’s place.. 2.5 hours after the previous feed. Finished the 100ml at my parents’.. 3 hours later.

By the time we got home and tried to feed her after a wipe-down, it was nearly 4 hours since the last feed. I made 125ml for her, but she took only 40ml.

I went to take a shower and asked the hubs to take over and try again after 10 minutes. She drank another 60ml and refused to drink any more.

I really don’t know what is wrong.

I can’t say it’s the milk or the bottle because there are still times she’d finish a 125ml bottle in 5 minutes. I can’t say it’s the timing or tiredness because she goes on the strike just whenever she feels like it, 2 hours or 4 hours, sleepy or not, poop day or not.

Where is the baby who demands milk and drinks 125ml every 3 hours? 😢

Missing hello kitty

Hahahahaha. Bored after her swim and asking me every 5 minutes, “Where are my Yi-yis? Where they go huh?”

She was happily telling me how nice the pool was.

“It’s nicer than the hotel swimming pool, you know?”

Before heading out I asked her to pick a toy to bring.

She likes little figurines and toys since young. The kind she can grasp in her hand. I think it gives her some sense of security?

Since we were going to take rather long car rides and visiting an unfamiliar place I told her she could bring a toy of her choice.

She picked a hello kitty ring.

It was crowded at the aunt’s place so I offered to keep the toy in my bag for her while she had lunch.

I remembered giving it to her when she was done.

She asked for the toy again when we were at my parents’ place, but it was nowhere to be found.

Somewhere in the middle of all the chaos I’d forgotten to check.

Naturally she was very upset about it, but after empathising with her, I also told her she should be more responsible with her own toys.

I actually felt bad saying that to her, because I think it’s my fault. I handed her the toy when she didn’t really ask for it? And I was the one who forgot to ask her about it?

But I also felt that it is part of growing up? I cannot be the mother who brings her homework to school when she forgets to. 😂

She teared on the way home and I held her hand. She dozed off, and woke up a little upset.

But by chitchat time, she told me she was happy because “Daddy drove me to Wai-po’s place”, and that she enjoyed swimming and playing with Si-yi.

She told me nothing made her upset.

She still remembers the toy though, because I heard her telling her Yaya a little sadly, “I lost my hello kitty ring”.

Oh well.


I was so tired after Clarissa slept.. at 9pm. Had to take a power nap before I could muster the energy to get up to pump.

The hubs was also busy trying not to doze off while watching the Man U vs. Chelsea “big” match.

Had a terrible night with Meimei waking up at 430am again.

I did not give her milk because on the first night she woke up at 430am, she drank only 20ml. She managed to go back to sleep on her own on the second night.

So I tried to make her go back to sleep.

But she kept knocking my head with her head? So I put her into the sarong and rocked her.. 30 minutes later she was still protesting.

I took her out, changed her, and gave her milk.

She drank only 80ml!?

I gave up trying to make her drink more because she was crying quite badly. Tried to human-mattress her to sleep but she kept knocking her head on mine again.

So sarong it was.

She fell asleep but whined every 10 minutes when I stopped rocking. So I was dozing off and waking up every 10 minutes.. until Clarissa came into the room at 630am.

I decided to let her self-settle and took Clarissa out of the room instead.

Luckily she continued sleeping!

I was so knackered I went back to sleep for nearly 2 hours after the hubs and bubs1 left for work and school.

I guess we will spend today recuperating from yesterday. 😂

Who’s who? 😆

While writing this post, the hubs sent me the collage of him and bubs1 done 3 years ago.

I couldn’t help but spot the uncanny resemblance.. And made another collage.


Found it!

Sometime in the evening I had a nagging feeling we might have dropped the hello kitty in the car.

I didn’t remember taking it out for her at aunt’s place, and couldn’t find it when we were at my parents’.

I recalled telling her she must have left it in the car.

But I was too busy attending to two babies (Yep, Clarissa decided she was “Baby” this evening 😂) so I didn’t get to text the hubs to check.

He came home with the hello kitty! He thought it might be in the car, went searching for it and found it! 😁

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