Of ah girl to boy to girl

It's kinda cool seeing all the dayre bios with secret 5-digit codes at the end. 😎

Thank goodness for the good Samaritan!

Leap 4 is the most bizarre leap to date.

For the past 2 days she has been drinking only half of her milk during the day. πŸ˜’

It was like she had a built-in alarm on when to stop drinking.

Today it has been consistently at the 50ml mark fml.

And then she'd be taking her infamous cat naps, waking up after just 30-40 minutes.

I'm guessing she's hungry?

The worst part about this leap?

There are 31 more days to the end of the leap. 😭

Tummy time!

I shared the photo with the hubs, and he said she really looks like a boy.

His cousin actually thought we have a boy lol. We were just casually chatting on Monday about how different Clarissa and Allie are.
And she said, of course girls and boys are different.


Even after we told her Allie is a girl, she thought we were kidding her and insisted that the fb photos posted by the hubs were that of our baby "boy". πŸ˜‚

And then she got teased by everyone else.

"Do I look more like a girl now? Or a boy who happens to be wearing a hairband?"


"Hahahaha I've tricked everyone. This is so funny."

"Sigh it's so tough being a baby."

Hahaha couldn't resist doing this.

I bought this hairband for Clarissa's 1 year old photo shoot.

I actually don't like to put these things on them? Lol.

But Clarissa also looked like a boy when she was younger? One of the wardrobe for her photo shoot was a dress and I didn't want her to look like a boy wearing a dress so I bought 2 of these hairband things. πŸ˜…πŸ˜†

Of course no one remembers this now (and back then, people also told me our second one would be a boy because of this), so one of the retorts the hubs' cousin made was to try for a boy! Because she looks like a boy so the next one would be a boy.


I say, if she looks like a boy, there is a good chance that the next one.. would also look like a boy.

But would not necessarily be a boy. πŸ˜‚

While it has been a rather trying day with Meimei, this Jiejie provided some comic relief.

When we got to the door after picking her up from the bus, she took a very very deep breath and declared:


And then she took another dramatic, big breath, like she was filling up her lungs, "YES THIS IS CHICKEN RICE!"

Once I opened the gate, she ran in to look for her Yaya, exclaiming very excitedly, "Yaya I can smell the chicken rice you cook!"

Later, after her shower, I was towel-drying her while talking about some random stuff which usually goes like this.

πŸ™Ž: Mummy later when you blowdry my hair, can you put my hair to one side?

πŸ‘§: Ok which side!

πŸ™Ž: Right side!

πŸ‘§: Which is your right side?

She'd pause and look at me cheekily before raising her right hand.

Or left hand, depending on which side she chooses.

This evening, she suddenly paused in the middle of our conversation and looked like she was finding the right words to say.

"Mummy," she started before breaking into a smile. "I love you very much!"

She gave me a hug and I told her I love her very much too.

"ζˆ‘ηˆ±δ½ ," she continued, her hands forming a big circle. "θΏ™~么~倚!"


"See? I can speak Chinese," she added. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ€£


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