Of matchy-matchy sisters

Gongxi Gongxi! Says kungfu girl.

We've found the pants lol.

Huat ah! Says kungfu sister. 😆

She woke up too early today.


Getting both kids to smile at the camera at the same time.

This was the first shot and I thought it wasn't perfect because Clarissa was moving and hence looked a little blurred.

So I took another 8? 10? shots, but either one of them would be moving and hence turning out blurred.

Until they both went, are you done yet Mummy?


The first photo turned out to be the best, afterall. 😅

Anyway I took picture(s) because Clarissa requested to get changed into a singlet of the same color as Meimei's romper lol.

And she was so game to take photos!

I kept saying, "Smile!", directed at Meimei and Jiejie kept telling me, "I'm smiling already Mummy!" 🤣

Their interaction is quite funny.

I wanted to grab a drink of water in the kitchen. So Jiejie said, "Mummy you go drink water. I take care of Meimei."

True to her word, she sat down beside Meimei and kept patting her tummy. 😆

When Meimei kicked everything off the bouncer, Jiejie tried to put the blanket back onto her tummy.

But Meimei was so excited looking at Jiejie her arms kept flailing up and flicking the blanket away. 😅😂

Jiejie sighed, a little exasperated, and chided her gently, "Meimei!"

But Meimei just kept smiling at her.. And so Jiejie smiled back at her with a 拿你没办法 look on her face.

Lol why are they so cute!