Of the #thingsclarissasays

Story of our lives. πŸ˜†

This one woke up at 625am this morning and didn't go back to sleep.

To her credit, she tried to lie down until she saw the first beam of morning light through the window.

And then she decided, yes, it's morning and it's time to play. πŸ˜‚


It's getting more and more interesting and amusing talking to bubs1.

Sometimes her #toddlerlogic is really πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―.


Sometimes she comes home and tells us, "I'm not Clarissa!"

"Oh, who are you then?"

"I'm Baby!"

And for the rest of the evening, she'd be very quiet, speaking either somewhat incoherent one-word sentences or simply gibberish.

In other words, really playing the part of a "baby".

It's quite funny, except when you ask her a question or want her to do something.

I've tried asking her to become Clarissa again, but she'd say (in her baby tone and pronunciation), "No, I'm still Baby!"


But I've had a πŸ’‘ moment and have since cracked the code.. by singing her a birthday song.

"Yay it's your birthday so now you are one year older!"

"Yes! Now I'm Clarissa," she said happily and reverted to her usual chatty self.



She's looking forward to her Taiwan trip with Daddy, and would talk about it very often.

One night after her shower, she nearly knocked into the aircon piping case. I asked her to be careful, otherwise she'd be hurt.

πŸ™Ž: And then I will go to the hospital?

πŸ‘§: Yes, but I hope not. Because I'd be so upset.

πŸ™Ž: When I go Taiwan with Daddy, you'd be so upset also right?

πŸ‘§: Yes, and I'd miss you and Daddy.

πŸ™Ž: But I'm going Taiwan because I like Daddy! If you say yes, I will bring you! But you never say yes, so I go with Daddy lor.

πŸ‘§: Next time when Mummy and Daddy are old, would you bring us to Taiwan?

πŸ™Ž: Yes! You just say yes!



To encourage her to speak Chinese more often, I told her she needs to practise for her Taiwan trip.

I explained to her that people in Taiwan mostly speaks Chinese, and so she'd have to speak Chinese too if she wants to be understood.

"For example, if you want to eat ice-cream, you have to say 'ε†°ζ·‡ζ·‹' instead of 'ice-cream'. Otherwise people won't understand what you want," I told her.

So one evening, out of the blue, she said to me:

ζˆ‘θ¦εƒε†°ζ·‡ζ·‹γ€‚ηˆΈηˆΈοΌŒδ½ ε―δ»₯η»™ζˆ‘ε—?


I went WAH!
Hahahaha she formed the two sentences on her own?

I said, yeah that's correct!

She was so happy she turned to her sister and tried to teach her. πŸ˜‚

"Allie, you say! Must say if you want to eat ice-cream next time when you are bigger!"


Re-enactment lol.

She sounds like a foreigner speaking Chinese, but it's an improvement!


She's been intrigued by how the characters in her story books sleep on their own at night. She always asks me, where is her/his daddy and mummy?

I'd tell her that the daddy and mummy would say good night, kiss the girl/boy, leave the room and s/he would just fall asleep on her/his own. But daddy and mummy would be next door.

She'd then ask me why they can do this.

"Hmm because they are big boys and girls already? They know daddy and mummy are still at home?"

She would nod and say, "Clarissa is also a big girl."

I've asked her if she could do the same, instead of holding my hand to sleep every night.

"But you go out after I sleep!" She said. "Then I'm alone."

"But Yaya would come in and sleep in your room," I countered.

"But when Yaya wakes up and goes outside, I sleep on my own and i never cry. So I also sleep alone what," she argued.


Hahaha more often than not, she's the one waking her Yaya up?

On a related note, I'm worried about next Friday.

The hubs and I would be at the Jacky Cheung concert and would not be back by her bedtime.

My Dajie has kindly agreed to come and babysit Clarissa until she sleeps, so that our helper can focus on Allie. (In any case our helper has never done bedtime with Clarissa before. πŸ˜‚)

I started preparing her for it yesterday.

She was delighted about Da-yi coming over and staying till bedtime. She even asked if Da-yi could sleep on the mattress. πŸ˜†

But not happy about not having Mummy or Daddy at bedtime.

Why you must go concert, she asked.

I told her Daddy and Mummy HAVE TO go, and I'm sorry that only adults can go.

"How about Daddy go to the concert with Yaya, and then Mummy and Da-yi stay at home with Clarissa?" She suggested.

I don't think it works this way.

I'm trying not to feel bad about it.
Afterall, how bad can it be? πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

At worst, she would stay awake until we get home? And we can easily send my Dajie home?


Friday, after she came home from school. Our helper had just finished cooking dinner and went straight to help Clarissa get changed.

I'm usually the one doing this but I had to carry Meimei that day.

πŸ’: Do you know what's for dinner?

πŸ™Ž: Fried rice!

πŸ’: Wah you can smell from my clothes is it?

πŸ™Ž: Yes I smell Yaya Fried Rice! Later I'm going to EAT the Yaya Fried Rice! And Yaya is going to be inside my tummy! Arhmm! Hahahaha I'm so funny!



We were at the minimart, and she was standing at the counter choosing a surprise egg while I stood behind her waiting.

"Mummy, you can go and shop on your own!" She gestured towards one of the aisles. "You go! It's ok! I'll come and look for you later!"

Err I'm not so sure about that honey. πŸ˜‚

So I waited for her to pick her egg and we walked through the aisles.

"Anything you want to buy?" She asked me, like she was the mother hen instead.

I said no.

"Nothing? You sure? Ok lor then we go home already huh," said my little mother hen.