Of 3mo’s sleep woes and 3yo’s homework

That was us last evening.

So today I've been reading up even more on sleep schedules for 3 month-old babies.

She's such a happy baby during the day but come evening time, it's so hard to avoid the witching hour.

It's getting better as compared to her newborn days, but it still wears everyone out, including herself, on some days.

So yesterday she had a pretty good nap in the afternoon, from 130pm to around 4pm.

It's not perfect, because she stirred in the middle of it and was rocked back to sleep. But hey, better than cat naps.

She drank milk at 430pm, and I followed the awake duration guidance and made her sleep at 530pm. She fell asleep very quickly.

And then she woke up at 6pm. πŸ˜…

Which was expected.

She sat on the bouncer/chair while we had dinner at around 630pm.

She was quiet and ok at first, but by 650pm she started fussing.

So I carried her and put her on my lap while I ate my dinner with Clarissa and the helper.

She was quiet again.

By now I knew she was probably sleepy and hungry, but 7pm was an odd time to feed her, because 1) she is unlikely to sleep for long after the feed, we might end up having to feed her again at 830pm (her usual bedtime on a good day) and 2) her next (dream) feed is usually after 1130pm so it'd be a 4.5hr stretch.

I wondered if we should try to stretch it to 730pm, so that it's exactly 3 hours from her last feed which was formula milk.

The helper said we could try, even though she was already looking like this:

Hahahaha sorry baby.

Whenever she's tired, her already rather small eyes would become even smaller and form an almost straight line. πŸ˜‚

She'd be frowning and pouting a little, together with her small eyes.

(This was her at noon today, before her nap.)

Up to this point she was still quiet as long as someone was carrying her.

At 720pm I made milk for her because she was starting to become irritable even when carried.

The feed was quite a disaster.

She kept crying very loudly because she wanted to sleep but our helper kept trying to make her finish the milk.

Everything went downhill from there.

Long story short, she was still awake at 845pm. I took over after I was done showering Clarissa and myself, and asked the helper to take a break.

I tried putting her into the sarong to rock her to sleep, but she cried murder, and there were TEARS, real tears, in her eyes.

So I carried her and rocked her gently in my arms, while Clarissa sat on the bed with us.

I could tell that Clarissa was almost going to become emo so I started whisper-singing lullabies with her. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

It worked, because the baby was calm and the Jiejie was happy.

Thankfully the hubs got home and I got the helper to feed her a 60ml to calm her down and hopefully make her fall asleep.

I did bedtime with Clarissa while the hubs finished his dinner and showered.

When I came out of the room at 930pm, the baby was sitting on the bouncer/chair with her very small eyes. πŸ˜…

Very quiet, but not sleeping.

Our helper put her there and went to do the dishes, because she refused to be put in the sarong and yet could not be carried to sleep either.

I guess she was really overtired, and I've read somewhere that when babies are over-tired, the sensation they feel is akin to that of adults suffering from a pounding headache.

Which might explain why she rejected the sarong so vehemently, even though it was very gentle rocking.

I wouldn't want anyone to rock me if I had a pounding headache!

Another long story short, Daddy the baby whisperer carried her and rocked her in his arms until she fell asleep.

The only good thing was that she was quiet and not fussing about the specific angle we had to hold her? πŸ˜‚

Dream feed at 12am was ok, but she stirred a lot in her sleep, couldn't settle herself back to sleep and cried in frustration at 4am.

Again, much earlier than usual.

But she went back to sleep almost immediately.. and woke up around 845am.

Still happy, but eyes not as big lol.

I've heard somewhere before, that "η¬¬δΈ€θƒŽη…§δΉ¦ε…»οΌŒη¬¬δΊŒθƒŽη…§ηŒͺπŸ·ε…»"γ€‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

What it means, is that parents are most meticulous with their firstborn and would follow guidebooks. But with second- and subsequent- borns, it's ok as long as they are fed.

I thought it'd be the case too with Allie, but I actually find myself reading up and researching even more?

That said, Clarissa definitely got more attention as a newborn, in that she gets picked up the minute she cries.

With Allie, we are usually in the middle of something and would take a few minutes to respond.. which by the way is the way recommended by baby sleep experts? Because it gives them the opportunity to (try to) self soothe first.

Which, to Allie's credit, she tries. ☺

My resolution for today is to feed her before she gets overtired. πŸ˜‚

Now we know, that 20 minutes can make a whole lot of difference.

Not sure if this is related to her current leap or not? Today is the last day of the leap. πŸ€”

But aye, I really can't figure out this day/evening nap thing.

Any tips, #dayremummies?

First piece of homework for 2018. πŸ˜…

Fingerprint art.

Inspired by. I mean, poor copycat of. πŸ˜‚

I googled and shortlisted a few options; she chose the fish tank.

Rehearsal before the working on the actual piece.

I think she had fun working on it?

Hahaha though the final artwork.. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

We shall make up for it by practising the show-and-tell properly. πŸ˜‚