Of tag-team Sunday.. And a lonely night

Piggy and Pikachu keeping each other company while I pump. 🤣😆

Complaining to Piggy about how Mummy is taking so long to pump.

Meanwhile.. Jiejie fell asleep on her way to swimming class. 😅

She woke up at 7am this morning and obviously couldn't go back to sleep.

I was hoping to get a power nap while Meimei slept, but she woke up after just 45 minutes because she pooped.

Used a ton of cotton pads and wipes to clean her up. 😂

Changed her and made her sleep again.

The hubs and big little boss came home from swimming, and we swapped places.

Took a while before she fell asleep, because she was busy digging her nose and handing her pisai to me. 😂

It's turning out to be a sleepless Sunday, because I keep getting random tummy aches (since Friday) and I need to pump again soon.

My FIL and SIL are coming over for dinner later!

We've been asking him to come for dinner but he keeps saying ok, when he has time. 🙄

It's been a while since Clarissa saw her Ah-gong in person. I'm sure they miss bickering with each other. 😆


Lying in the dark with a sleeping baby, I'm reminded of the article Sim shared with me earlier in the day.

I'm not back in the workforce yet but this resonated with me.

I'm exhausted, I want a part of me and my mind space back, but I can't drop everything, or something, or anything at all, because it's a choice I've already made (to be a mother) and I will stick to it.

Before I know it, Clarissa might not want to hold my hand to sleep any more. And Allie might not need that night feed and little curdle any more.

I cherish them, all the good and bad moments alike.

It's been a very long day, but it wasn't a bad one.

Both girls played happily, in their own ways, with their Gu-gus. Ah-gong noticed that Clarissa has grown taller, and he carried Allie on his own for the first time despite claiming he isn't good with small babies.

But by 10pm I was almost falling asleep with Clarissa. I wished someone could invent a special suction machine that can extract milk from me while I'm sleeping.

But nah, no one has invented it yet, so pump, I must.

The hubs was already in the room trying his best to stay awake. He felt bad about completely missing the last feed on Friday night and sleeping through the night.

He was fast asleep when I was in the middle of pumping. By the time I finished pumping and ran to the toilet twice, I'd already decided I'd just do the last feed.

It was just 15 minutes away, and I'd take just 15 minutes to change and feed the baby if she cooperates.

He is tired and he has work tomorrow.

Anyway 30 minutes isn't going to make much difference to my somewhat delirious state.

So I said to him, it's ok I will do it, when he sat up briefly saying he was going to make milk.

I'd already done that.

I said it's ok and he mumbled something before going to the toilet.
I went ahead to the study room, thinking he was going to come in.

But he did not. 😂

I opened the door to check, and found that he'd already turned off the lights and gone to bed.

Not even a good night.
(Or maybe that was what he was mumbling?)

I really don't mind doing this, and I mean what I say.

I don't even want to compare how much sleep we are getting.

I just wish, perhaps just for tonight, that I'm a little more appreciated.

That I'm not seen as lazy for not wanting to do something sometimes.

That sometimes I get to be the one on video mode.

That I'm not called fat, jokingly or not, even though I am fat.

That I am handled with care, even though I'm not fragile.

Ok I need to sleep.

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