Of Screensaver Saturday

So it's a couch potato kinda afternoon/evening.

"Winter" wear for the bubs lol.

I went to bed around 515am and woke up at 6am when Clarissa came into the room.

Took her back to her room and drifted in and out of sleep as she drank her milk and went back to sleep.. until 7ish.

Headed out for brunch with my current and ex colleagues from my previous business unit.

The little boss wanted to tag along and Daddy lured her with a movie. 😂

Had a nice catchup with the lovely ladies including my MD who left the company recently!

And then the hubs and bubs picked me up. We dropped by my parents' place for a while before heading home.

Pumped and took over childcare duties.

Hubs was dozing off and is taking a nap now while I wait for our deliveroo dinner.

No nap for the bubs today so it's going to be an early bedtime for her tonight.

I'm on screensaver mode already. 😂

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