Of 小瓜and老大 updates (+Toilet training)

I'm wearing a cardigan right now, at home, and drinking hot 2-in-1 coffee.

What are the chances? 😂

Last night our helper turned on the a.c. for Allie while the rest of our rooms went without.

The hubs wanted to turn the a.c. off but then we realised that it was in fact colder outside Allie's room!

Haha because our a.c. temperature is always set at 25°C while room temperature last night was at 22°C wtf.

Today's post-poop chubby face. 😆

My mum had a minor concern.



I told her, 不是啦是因为她的脸很圆所以眼睛看起来比较小.

I'm confident we'd see her big round eyes soon. 🤣

My helper thinks she looks like my sis#3 lol (I kept asking her, You sure?? She said yes yes the pretty one with husband. 😆) so I think ok lah will be a 美女 next time. Hehe.

(P.S. All my sisters are pretty! We just don't look alike! 😉)

Last night was better.

I woke up at 330am to anticipate her crying for milk. She stirred and farted 😂😂 but continued sleeping until 430am. I fed her and pumped.

Was done and about to settle back to sleep around 530am.. And Clarissa woke up because her diapers burst again zzz.

She only wears diapers when she sleeps and last night she peed before we changed her into diapers.

Thankfully she drank milk and we all went back to sleep until 730am.

On toilet training

I don't think I've properly written about her toilet training.

We started with letting her go diaperless for short periods, e.g. after school and before shower, and then extended to school hours with the help of her teachers.

It took less than a week for her to be used to the new routine.

Last November, her teacher then suggested to let her go diaperless during her nap time in school and we said ok.

So far there has been only one leak. 😂

We are still not brave enough to let her go diaperless at night. 😅

Prioritise sleep over toilet training haha.

But aye the diaper leaks are quite frequent. I've resorted to changing the brand of pull-ups she's using.

The biggest takeaway I have is that toilet training should not and need not be rushed.

Once she gets it, she gets it. It's not a competition and there's no need to compare. Kids develop different skills at different timings. It's perfectly ok.

Updates from the school portal!

She is doing well.

I used to ask her everyday, how is school today?

And she'd cheekily tell me, I sleep, wake up, eat teabreak and then I go home.

So I switched up my questions. I'd ask her who sat beside her during lunch, did she make any new friends, can she teach me any new songs, what stories did her teachers tell her, etc.

Nowadays she'd voluntarily tell me, I sat with K during lunch!

I made a new friend today! His name is R!

Today we sat in a big circle! C was on my right and M was on my left!

C is my best friend now!

Today I slept so long! Until teacher turned on the lights. Teacher A asked me why I'm so grouchy.

I was in the Chinese corner today! 角落 is corner!

I've asked her, oh so what did you and K talk about over lunch?

But she told me, we didn't say anything because teacher say cannot talk when eating.


I'm also surprised how she can tell her left and right? I remember still struggling with it when I was in kindergarten?

One night I was holding her right hand with my right hand while waiting for her to fall asleep.

She said to me, "Mummy, you cannot hold my right hand with your right hand. You must hold with your left hand."

I promptly switched over but in my mind I was thinking, are you serious? 😂

I also started a new bedtime activity with her, the "chitchat" time.

I'd ask her how her day went, what made her upset or sad and what made her happy.

She enjoys it, because she's started asking to "chitchat" before she drinks her milk and I turn off the light.

But she's not yet getting the concept, because she'd tell me things like, "Crab made me upset because he bit my fingers."

(Crab is one of her many animal friends. 😂)

Or she'd tell me, mama duck made me happy.

So I've been trying to let her grasp the concept by sharing the things that made me upset and happy during the day.. with concrete examples so she'd understand that these are things that actually happened that particular day. 😅

This is something I hope I can continue doing even after I go back to work.

It's like a round-up of the day and a reset for the next day, on top of being able to understand and describe our feelings?

Let's see how this goes.

According to her teacher's description of the activity, here she's drawing a picture of who she loves the most.

I hope it's not a cockroach. 😅😂

This made me laugh.

It was a picture of all the kids during meal time and she was sitting the furthest away but her posture caught my eye lol.

So I zoomed in.

She's like a 老大 ?! 😂

Someone napped well today and kept smiling at me when she woke up.

She really looks very 老实 lol.

Does it mean the temperature needs to be at 22-23°C during the day so we can zip her up in the swaddle so she can sleep well?


Oops super blur shot but posting anyway because this Jiejie finished eating her dinner in record time and went off the dining table happily.

Said to helper and me, "You all continue eating, I go take care of Meimei first!"

Aww so I immediately tried to take a picture of her rocking her sister. 🤣

She finished her dinner in 20 minutes because our helper cooked chicken rice – upon her request.

She took almost an hour to eat her dinner last night and apparently when our helper asked her why, she said it was because it's not chicken rice. 😂 And that there were too many different things to eat on her plate.

So our helper decided to cook chicken rice tonight to see if she'd really eat faster.

And she did! Lol.

Ate on her own and finished everything including the long beans.

I was very happy, and she said, "Mummy, later when we chit chat, you will say you are happy today because I finish everything?"

Aww my heart.

I said, yes of course. 😊


Although Meimei looked like, "Whatcha doing, Jiejie?" 😅


After I took photos of her and Meimei she said it's her turn to take photos of me and Meimei.

And then she said she's sending the photos to daddy, before picking up the phone to call him.

Multipurpose mama duck. 🤣

The beak is the key pad too because she was texting daddy on it lol.


Someone came home earlier than usual tonight and twinned with the 730pm drama character. 😆