Hipster-ish breakfast instead of my usual local auntie fare. 😂

I spent almost 30 minutes combing the entire complex looking for the library bookdrop fml.

Because the library only opens at 10 and there is (a feeble attempt at) a map to show people where the bookdrop is located, but I couldn't understand the map at all. 😂

Had to ask two security guards before I finally found it.

By the time I'm done I decided I'm just going to have breakfast here. Lol.

Someone needs to open a Yakun here so I'll consider bringing Clarissa to the library more often.

#thetruthis her first and only library experience was with her teachers and friends, and I haven't been to a library since my university days.

I'm only here to return the books she borrowed with the help of her teacher.

I like reading and I hope my girls would too, but it's just more convenient to order online / read an ebook. 😅

In fact I remember suggesting to the hubs to take Clarissa to the library, and his reaction was, "Whut?"

Hahahaha enough said.

Maybe when they are older?

I used to go to the library quite often when I was a kid/student and I would spend hours there.

When I started working I rented books instead of borrowing from the library because of the flexibility.

And then I stopped renting books and started buying, usually from the bookstore at departure gate.

And now I've stopped reading. Hahaha. #momlife

I mean I only read mindless stuff now.

I really should start again.

Woohoo I gave my seat up to two mums with kids and shifted to another seat to give them more space.. And they called me "jiejie".

What a good day.


I'm like 😩😩😩 right now because I slept at 3ish, woke up at 6 when Clarissa came into the room, took her to our room to drink milk and sleep, got up again at 640am to feed Meimei who was wailing in hunger, went back to my room to pump after settling her back to sleep, and woke the hubs and bubs up.


I'm now alternating between Dayre-ing and staring into space. 😂

But still thankful for this little bit of me time to ramble on Dayre.

Waited for the bookstore to open so I could get some A3 clear folders to keep Clarissa's artwork.

Decided to get a 2018 planner for myself even though the first quarter would be left blank.

I remember returning from maternity leave 3 years ago and not being able to find a planner because it was April by then. 😂

On one hand I'm nervous about returning to work. On the other hand I can't wait.

Wai-gong power lah. 💪😁

He was entertaining the baby while we had dinner.

And then Clarissa insisted I take another picture of them..

While she shook the rattler for Meimei to look at, behind the scene.

Hahaha don't know where she learned this from.

She was so sweet to Meimei.
Insisted on making the bed for her before our helper put her on the bed.

It was a different story last evening.

She did a big poop and was very proud of herself. Ran off to tell her Yaya about it after I showered her.

Yaya happened to be cleaning Meimei up because she too did a major poop.

So after praising Jie-jie about her massive poop, we praised Meimei about her poop too (because she didn't poop for two days).

Jiejie got very upset and made us say (to ourselves) that only Jiejie pooped and Meimei didn't poop. 😂

My dad took this picture and sent it to us. 😊

She looks so demure here but she was so demanding tonight.

Cried non-stop after my dad went home, for more than an hour. 😕

Hope she'd be better tomorrow.
Really need to let her take a good nap from 4-5pm.