A not-so quiet Christmas eve morning, because the little boss was nonchalantly singing Jingle Bells on repeat mode. 😄

I tried to take a video of her singing without her noticing but she noticed anyway, and cheekily whispered the song instead.

Look what Meimei did when Jiejie laughed at her own joke. 😆

Jingle all the way.

I guess Meimei loves her Jiejie's singing because she danced until her sock came off lol.

We had my family over for lunch!

Nothing fancy; it was nice spending time together.

The little boss had the most fun and love from everyone, on top of the 3 ice cream flavors she had. 😄

Both girls napped after the party, in separate rooms.

While the parents were totally pooped. 😂

So the plan tomorrow is to not have a plan. 😆

Blessed Christmas!