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Bedtime last night.

πŸ™Ž: Mama duck, you hold my hand ok?

πŸ¦†: …

πŸ™Ž: What story you want to hear tonight?

πŸ¦†: …

πŸ™Ž: Let it go frozen? Ok!

πŸ‘§: Huh I thought you wanted me to tell Toy Story 2? One story only hor..

πŸ™Ž: Yah. You tell Toy Story 2 to me. I tell Frozen to Mama duck!



Last week the hubs called his dad while he was watching a movie.

I was a little surprised but didn't think too much about it.

Yesterday my FIL told me about his movie experience while driving to Clarissa's school.

He was so angry about it lol.

Apparently his friend had 2 free tickets and "jio"-ed him for a buffet and movie…

…and they watched…



He said he's not watched a movie in a cinema for over 20 years since my SIL was born, and this movie was a complete waste of his time.

The sound effects were too loud and made his heart problems worse.

In his own words, I quote him:


(Starwars, RIDICULOUS!)



I've never caught Starwars before, because I don't (and won't) get it and it's not my kind of movie.

I'm surprised he even went. πŸ˜‚

This is the most succinct movie review I've ever heard about Starwars.


The other night, when I took over the MOTN shift, after a particularly long stretch of witching hours.

Sent some status updates to the hubs from next door.

Newborn days continue to be tough and we tell one another, including the helper, to hang in there.

It will get better.
It has to.


Another rough day despite trying to stay positive.

It felt like a very long day feeding pacifying making the baby sleep and repeating the same thing over and over again in two-hour blocks with very little success.

By 5pm I was just dying a little inside and hoping for 9pm to come so I could do bedtime with Clarissa and then pump at 10pm, and then take a nice 2-3h nap before the MOTN shift.

But it's 1120pm now and I'm human-mattressing because she kept stirring and crying.

I'm so, so exhausted.

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