First (mini) outing with 2 girls

Tears, snot and saliva. 😂

I was having a pretty smooth night with Meimei.

I slept with her from 12ish am, after I pumped and the hubs fed her.
Woke up at 315am when she started whining.

She's like an alarm clock!? Because it was exactly 3 hours since her last feed.

I made her milk and burped her when she finished about 2/3s of it.
Continued feeding after she burped but she was fast asleep.

I was tickling her cheeks, face, neck and calling her name but just couldn't make her drink. 😂

I gave up after trying for 15 minutes.

Changed her and went to pump.

She was stirring a little when I went back to the room.

Managed to settle her by just patting her gently.

It was already 450am but at least now I could go back to sleep.

But then Jiejie decided to wake up and come into the room at 530am. 😂

I took her to our room to drink her milk and go back to sleep since there's only a single bed in Meimei's room.

Hubs said he will swap with me so we swapped.

And Clarissa spent the next hour tossing and turning and scratching the headboard, despite me asking her to close her eyes.

At 650am she was still tossing and turning around while holding my hand so I said "Clarissa" sternly in a low voice.

She cried. 😭

I hugged her.

She fell asleep almost immediately. 😂

Thought I could have 2 nice blocks of 2-hour naps but aye, unpredictable. Lol.

It's going to be a long day today because my FIL insisted we bring both kids home to 拜拜 and we have to go to 2 temples to pray to the ancestors before rushing for Clarissa's swimming lesson.

The hubs called his dad last night and in a very irritable tone his dad said we should just skip the swimming lesson.

Clarissa got upset hearing it and cried a little just before bed time.

Ended up drinking only 20ml of milk because she was nervous!? (She asked me if she could go swimming first before going to 拜拜)

And I guess she woke up so early because she was hungry?

Anyway she managed to sleep for slightly more than an hour so we should be good.

Hahaha this Jiejie is beginning to 打小报告 on her sister.

I was busy packing their stuff for our outing when she came to look for me in the kitchen.

Meimei doesn't want to burp!
I'm so disappointed of her!


While I was surprised she could say "disappointed" I first corrected her grammar. 😂

But lol! Disappointed leh.

She was watching Yaya trying to burp Meimei but Meimei had dozed off.

She took me to the room to show me the "evidence" and tried to tickle her sister's face to wake her up. 😂

Yet when we were about to go downstairs to get breakfast, I saw her bending over to sneak a kiss on Meimei's forehead. 😘😍

Motherhood level up

(I) We were already waiting for the lift to go down to buy our fatty bombom breakfast (i.e: McDees 😂) when I realised..

I haven't brushed my teeth this morning.

The thing about "napping" instead of "sleeping" is that you never really feel the need to brush your teeth in the morning? #excuses 😂

I went straight from pumping to packing the girl's bags and didn't realise it until it was time to eat.

9am isn't too late for brushing teeth? 😂

(II) Our first time out with both girls. *gulps*

It wasn't *very* difficult, except for the buckling in and out because there were 3 stops.

Meimei fussed a little whenever I buckled her up, but she'd fall asleep when the car started moving.

She slept through all the temple visits since I was carrying her.

Jiejie entertained herself with the biscuits and toys she packed on her own.

We decided not to make a pit stop back at my in-laws' place so we could go straight home to feed the lil one and make it in time for Clarissa's swimming lesson.

Well that was cutting it too close. 😅😂

Calm before the storm.

Jiejie trying to wink at Meimei who'd woken up after we were done with everything.

Meimei was hangry and cried for the last ten minutes of the ride home.
To be fair to us it wasn't 3 hours yet? Lol but we knew she'd be hungry in 2.5 hours.

Jiejie was affected and started crying too. She was hungry too, because we didn't have time to stop for a proper lunch. She only had biscuits.

The hubs had to call our helper when we were about to reach home, to prepare the milk for both girls. 😂

While I reminded the hubs not to speed despite all the crying.

When we got home we immediately reached for the milk bottles, but I took Meimei's bottle and gave it to Jiejie. 😅😅😅

Overall it wasn't too bad. #selfconsolation

I was actually more afraid of potentially handling 2 Hulks in the front seats. 😂🙊

I even asked the hubs to sleep early last night so he won't be grouchy this morning lol.

My FIL was a little grumpy and impatient when we got there so I just got the hubs to agree with everything he said and to just follow his instructions, I mean, suggestions. 😅

Afterall he really only wanted the ancestors to see Meimei and to 保佑她.

We just need to make better decisions (and pit stops) next time lol.