I thought I can write a nice account of how we survived the day as a family of four, with no more CL and helper on her day off today.

We managed the day fairly ok, with just a bit of witching hour at 6.

Just when I thought I can have a bit of rest after settling Clarissa in bed and pumping, Clarissa suddenly sat up, leaned over and threw up.

I got the hubs to come over and she threw up even more.

I should have guessed that something was amiss when she drank only half the bottle of milk.

And then she tossed and turned and tried to lie on my shoulder. I asked her to close her eyes and sleep.

I think she tried her best but just before she sat up to vomit she was hugging my hand and squirming in anxiety and discomfort.

Poor thing.

And so sensible to lean over to avoid throwing up on the bed.

After we cleaned up she said she wanted to sleep in our room so we let her.

She dry heaved once into the dustbin.

And then she was afraid to fall asleep so she wanted us to keep the tv on.

She eventually dozed off.

I pumped and am now with Meimei for night duty.

It's 2315 now and she last drank milk at 2000.

Hmm best to do a power nap until she wakes up.

It's going to be a really long night.