Allie’s full month | 4 weeks

We celebrated Allie's full month at home today, with just immediate family and close friends. 😊

We decided to keep it simple, and not have a big celebration like that of Clarissa's.

And it's the right decision!

We had time to chitchat and time to eat.

Though no time to take photos. 😅

Love the little personalised card that comes with the gift box for guests!.

I did manage to take pictures of the two girls though!

Hahaha the nice smiling ones are in my camera; this was after a few shots and the baby started crying because she wanted milk.

And Jiejie felt bad about her crying. 😂

"What's going on?"

She was sleeping most of the time, probably tired from yesterday's craziness.

Photo by Si-yi!

While this one finished the entire mini cupcake on her own and probably had the most fun, even though her room looked like a war zone.

I think she was so overwhelmed by the mess and number of people, she tried to restrict entry into her room. 😂

And also started bossing her Si-yi around. 🤣

Her Yi-yis and Yi-zhang and Gor-gor stayed with her in her room to chill (and gossip I heard 😂) and play with her, and it was so nice.

She was happily basking in all the attention. 😆

My mum was amazed by her English vocabulary.

👩: 你要来外婆的家游泳吗?
(Do you want to come to my place to swim?)

🙎: (Paused and pondered for a while) Hmm.. I'm not convinced.

Say what?


And my mum kept asking us what "convinced" means lol.

By 3pm she was over high and I asked our helper to take a shower for her.

"She's going a little crazy," I said to our helper.

She overheard me and protested, "I'm not crazy! I'm tired!"


Fortunately we managed to take a family nap by 4pm.

The little boss fell asleep in no time and I dozed off too after the hubs and I bought a washing machine online (yeah wtf right lol, but our 8-year-old washing machine broke down and we couldn't really go shopping for one).