I love how serious she is about her role as Jiejie.

She was inspecting the bathing process and insisted that she helped with feeding her Meimei.

And while holding the bottle for her, she would reach out to touch her hair, hands and feet, very gently.

"Why Meimei's hands so small?" She'd ask.

But she's still a little girl at heart lol.

Asked me to carry her yesterday.

"Mummy, can you carry me? No more baby in your tummy already so you can carry me. Right?"

How to say no? 🀣

So I carried her while sitting down and she bear-hugged me.

She had her dinner first and our helper fed her.

While she was feeding Meimei, I asked why she couldn't eat on her own earlier on.

"Because it's not fried rice mah! I can only eat on my own when it's fried rice!"


When bed time came she insisted on sleeping in our room.

"But I want to sleep with Mummy!" She cried.

So we let her but told her she had to sleep in the middle and stay in the middle. πŸ˜‚

She ended up taking her Daddy's spot and sleeping horizontally across.
Daddy had to sleep at the bottom of the bed, and I had to curl myself up at the edge so my legs won't hit him.

When we woke up this morning we asked her why she slept on Daddy's side.

Because Daddy not there mah! So I sleep lor.

She laughed sheepishly and then followed by saying, "Cheeky girl, you." Imitating our tone.


Last night was pretty bad because Meimei was crying nonstop.

She was ok during the daytime so we aren't sure what triggered the crying.

The CL didn't seem to be able to handle her and was pacing up and down the living room trying to calm her down.

Which was why Daddy couldn't chope his spot on the bed.

I was trying to make Clarissa sleep but she ended up crying because she was sad that Meimei was crying.

Luckily she managed to fall asleep after the hubs turned on the A.C. in the baby's room and asked the CL to go in.

I went in to check because by then the baby had lost her voice from crying.

We thought she might be hungry but CL said we shouldn't feed her less than 2 hours apart.

She suggested that I latch the baby to let her suck for comfort. (And this was after we tried to latch earlier but failed.)

I was like, no?

Isn't that the same as suggesting that I use my boob as a pacifier?

So the hubs went to make milk instead.. and she calmed down after drinking.

She still cried on and off during the night but it wasn't the wailing sort so we kinda managed to sleep.

Hmm hopefully the CL gets better at handling the baby.

She doesn't seem to be very good so I'm giving her another day or two to settle in. 🀞

Today's Yield



Collected into a syringe.

Slowly but surely.

Someone's not very impressed by the colostrum. πŸ˜‚

4 hours later

Yield has dramatically increased to..


I had to use 2 syringes instead of 1!


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