Unrelated picture from our Korea trip in April but she looks so happy trying to do a jump shot like Daddy.

In this morning's #chitchatwithclarissa:

👧: Later mummy is going to see the doctor to check if Meimei is ok.

👶: I want to go with you.

👧: It's ok Clarissa, you need to go to school.

👶: But I want to go with you to check if Meimei is ok.
(Flips up her t-shirt to flash her tummy)
👶: Then I can ask the doctor to check if Didi in my tummy is ok.




Did the CTG to monitor baby's heart rate and contractions before seeing the doctor.

Overall ok, but I had a few irregular contractions which I didn't feel much of, except for some tightening on the abdomen.

I saw a #dayremummies comment yesterday about contractions, that the contraction from inducing the baby is much more painful than the "natural" contraction.

That might explain why I thought it was just cramps?
Clarissa was induced so the contractions were quite phenomenal. 😂

Side track a little.

Since we did the CTG at the delivery ward, we were beside a couple who were waiting to deliver, separated only by the curtains so we heard almost everything.

The couple is from China, and the mummy has this baby voice that sounds extra timid/"deh" especially since she was speaking in Mandarin.

I guess she was in a lot of discomfort and she requested for c-section to be done before 1030 (it was already past 930am).

The nurses were trying their best to make her feel comfortable so they tried to explain each step to her, including the shaving process, like why they need to shave her etc.

Even then she was uncomfortable so the nurse went on to explain to her, "This is our new shaver. It's very powerful. It vibrates a lot but it would not hurt you. Ticklish only."

We started giggling uncontrollably in silence until the hubs had to hold my hand to stop me.

Sorry, so bad. 🙊

Back to the doctor.

I didn't gain any weight since the last checkup at 32 weeks (in fact less 200g) but xbb has gained some weight.

She's now estimated to be 2.3-2.5kg, at 35 weeks.

The doctor is taking me off one of the meds, Ventolin, which is causing the breathlessness and heart palpitations.

He said he's more relaxed now that we are at 35 weeks and I have taken the steriod jabs so the baby's lungs have developed beyond the 35w progress.

Anytime after 36w is good.

He said that some babies, after going through pre-term labour and holding out, might decide not to come out so soon. 😰

Fingers crossed it'd be somewhere in between.

Will see him again in a week's time.