Woke up at 256am with a bad gastric-pain like pain in the upper part of my tummy.

I've not had this kind of pain before.
I couldn't even ignore it!

Dr Google says it might be just gas, so I hope it goes away soon.

Dayre-ing to distract myself since there is nothing much I can do

Glad I've already planned to work from today.

This was by far one of the worst nights.

I was too distracted to Dayre.

The pain in my upper abdomen would come suddenly, the sharp and intense kind of pain that made me break out in cold sweat.

I'd sit up and go to the bathroom (even though I knew there was nothing to pass out 😂), clench my fist and wait for the pain to subside.

And then I'd go back to bed and attempt to sleep.

The pain came back every 30 minutes?

The last bout came at 445am, and it was so bad I thought to myself, if the pain comes again I'm going to wake the hubs up and go to the hospital.

I went to the toilet again (there was nothing) and winced in pain.. until 5am?

Finally settled down at 515am, in bed.

I dozed off after a while, and fortunately the sharp pain didn't come back.

Up again at 630 when the little one came into the room for hugs and milk.

She dutifully finished her milk, went to wake her Daddy up and got changed for school.

I told the hubs about my mini ordeal and he asked if we should go to the hospital.

But I was ok by then and xbb seems ok too, squirming and moving as usual.

I told him I was about to wake him up because it was so painful. And that I didn't sleep.

He said something like, yeah I was also having a lot of dreams.


Hope it's a one-off thing.

Long day ahead omg.

Well, at least someone's ready for the day!

She said she needed sunglasses because it's morning and the sun is so bright.

(Erm it was only 7 and the sky was gloomy. 😂)

Not a very good day today because I felt breathless the entire time.

When the little one got home from school I decided to work in bed.

She hung around, singing and playing.

👧: Clarissa, Mummy cannot breathe. How?
👶: Then you 起来 lor.


And then she laughed and gave me a back hug like this. 😆

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