I came home earlier than usual today, but still, the little one gave me a look of reproach and started crying.

"Mummy, why you not at home just now?" 😭

I was like, but I'm home NOW? And earlier than usual?

So we sat down and hugged for a few minutes before she was ok and smiling again. 😂

Had lunch with 2 of my colleagues and they gave me a birthday present.

I was secretly pleased about managing to fly under the radar this year.

They told me how they'd scrambled to check when exactly my birthday was and quickly went to get a gift.

I think there was supposed to be a celebration yesterday over team lunch but I worked from home instead.

It's the thought that counts and I'm grateful to have such sweet colleagues.

I left my jacket on the bed and went to take a shower.

This girl barged into the bathroom to show me this.

She put it on on her own and was very happy with her biker chick look.

School was closed for half a day today for curriculum planning, so we decided to let her stay at home the entire day.

I was checking the CCTV from time to time, and found that she was simply doing nothing. 😂

I guess that's the difference between the previous and current helper.

Nothing right or wrong, but I guess the level of interest and type of expertise shows.

The former is an experienced babysitter while the latter is an experienced housekeeper (and good cook).

So one is inclined towards kids and would take the initiative to teach her things and read to her (before she went nuts on us) and the other is not. In fact quite happy to escape when she has the chance to return to the kitchen.

So I asked the little one to pick a few books to read together before she had dinner. #tigermum? 😂

We read a total of 5 books.. and I dozed off in the middle and spoke gibberish. 😔

She had to wake me up to ask me to repeat myself.. a few times.

In between each book I asked her to give me 2 minutes' break so I could do a power nap.

She would say ok and proceed to wake me up after 2 seconds. 😂🤣

So I really bucked up and kept myself really awake while reading the 4th and 5th book.

And then it was dinner time for her, and I asked her to eat with her Yaya so I could take a short nap.

I was really exhausted.

I didn't fall into deep sleep but I think I slept a bit.

She finished her dinner and came to close my door so she won't disturb me.

But I was already awake.

She tickled my tummy gleefully and said, "Tickle tickle Meimei! So when Meimei comes out she will be happy!"

Awww my goofy sweetheart.

Coincidentally this book got delivered today.. and she loves it so much she flipped through it quietly on her own while we had dinner, and then she made me read it to her (and Mama duck) 3 times.

She pointed at the girl and baby, and said it's "Jiejie Clarissa and Meimei", looking very proud to have appeared in a story book.

It's a lovely book!

I don't mind reading it a few times in a row. 😊

(Sheesh, all my pictures today turned out to be blur. 😒)

Still tired and all sorts of uncomfortable.

My pelvic bone hurts and I'm beginning to worry about the delivery.

But it's me-time now, ownself massage ownself to ease the aches while watching the re-run of My Lovely Sam-soon.

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