The little boss makes pizza / colours / sings / takes picture

Putting herself in Daddy's shoes, literally, on top of her own shoes.

I tasked her to wake her Daddy up this morning, and the first thing she did was to give him the chocolate.

After he got changed, she made him carry her around the house before making him eat the chocolate.

It has already melted but I'm sure it's the best chocolate he has ever tasted. 😂

Feeling a little under the weather today.

I went to bed with my tummy feeling really big and tight, but I'd expected it to be better in the morning, as with most mornings.

But I woke up several times throughout the night and felt like I was having gastric pain.

My tummy felt as tight as it did last night, and I was feeling breathless.


She made pizza in school today!

Came home with a blue mouth.
I asked her why, and she said, "No lah! Because I eat cake." 😂

Today's birthday goodie bag is crayons.

No chocolate for the hubs. 🤣
He can have the pizza.

Oh and she gave Ah-gong one of the two packets of biscuits she got yesterday.

Hahaha she put it in her bag this morning and remembered to give it to him when he picked her up.

Hope it made his day better!

She was walking around the study room singing loudly while I was in a conference call. 😅

And then she requested to go into the cot so I let her.

But she continued singing. 🤣😆


I didn't manage to start recording in time so the first line got cut off.

Lol aww okok come and disturb me anytime whenever I work from home.

👶: Daddy you eat, I take picture!


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