The first two questions she asked after 11+ hours of sleep:

🦁 Where's Daddy?

(Daddy happened to be outside in the living room drinking water.)

🦁 Are we going swimming?


Breakfast with a view.

Describing the view to Mama duck.

She talks to Mama duck a lot.

Even though Mama duck is, well, Mama duck, she talks to her like she's a little sister.

"There is no need to be scared ok? I'm here," I heard her saying gently to Mama duck before carefully putting her on the swing.

"See? It's nice right?" She added encouragingly and left Mama duck sitting there on her own.

And then she turned to me to explain.

"Mama duck says she's scared but I told her it's not scary!"

πŸ‘Ά: "Come, Jiejie Clarissa sit with you."


I asked her to take a picture with Mama duck and she posed so lovingly.

πŸ‘Ά: "I can sit here because I'm a big girl! Mama duck cannot because you are still small."

She was adamant about not sitting on the high chair, and super proud that she can sit on the couch with us.

πŸ‘Ά: "After I finish my yoghurt, I will feed Mama duck. She cannot eat on her own yet!"

And she really got off the booster seat, placed Mama duck on it, buckled her in and fed her yoghurt.

I *think* the little boss is pretty articulate for her age so sometimes I forget that she isn't 3 years old yet.

She's said quite a few things over the past few days that made me sit up / laugh / both.


πŸ‘Ά: "Don't leave me alone! When I'm alone, I'm scared. I don't like to be alone."

I was in the toilet and the hubs stepped out to the living room momentarily. She was sitting in bed on her own for all of 10 seconds when she started crying and looking for us.

She said this to me after i rushed to get out of the toilet.

πŸ‘Ά: Only Mummy can call Daddy "Dear dear dear". I can only call Daddy "Sir".


I think I was calling out to the hubs about something but he didn't hear me.

And she made this remark.
"Sir", because that's how our helper addresses the hubs and she likes to imitate her Yaya.

πŸ‘Ά: "Mummy, do you know Yaya calls the Dye-yer-per Pampers? Why huh? Why you say diaper?"

Dye-yer-per = Diaper in Filipino accent. πŸ˜‚

She'd noticed that we call the same thing different names, and erm pronounce it differently.

But of all the things she's said these few days, this one takes the cake.

I forgot what I did over breakfast and she laughed and said to me, "Mummy you are SO funny!"

I must have looked a little bewildered because she then said to me, her tone turning a little more serious:

You don't need to say sorry when you are funny, you know?

Is it her interpretation of "Don't hate me because I'm funny"? πŸ˜‚

Quite, erm, philosophical?

She's also quite perceptive.

There was a mummy sitting near us at breakfast and she was a little upset with her little boy for not eating.

But she was speaking in Cantonese, not shouting or anything.

The little kaypo saw that and asked me, "Why is the Mummy upset?"

And very sensitive.

Sometimes when we laugh at her funny antics, she would frown and tell us off, "Hey you don't laugh at me. It's not funny."

Or when we try to warn her about something, like "don't run, the floor is slippery", even without sounding harsh, she'd turn to the other one of us (the one who didn't give her the warning) and cry, "Daddy not happy with me" or "Mummy scold me".

Just today, because she was tired and cranky I reminded her to please control herself.

I didn't raise my voice at all, but she turned to her Daddy and started crying, "Mummy say I'm not a good girl!"


I did not say that at all?
But she inferred.

3 years ago at 32+ weeks and 3 years later at 31 weeks, at the same hotel.

We talked about taking the same pictures again but there is no full length mirror in our room, and also no time to think about taking pictures.

Took this just before heading to the lobby to check out.

We wanted the little boss to join us but she suddenly went hysterical. πŸ˜‚

"I don't want to take picture! I want to take the lift now!"


Nowadays when she throws tantrums like this I'd try to remind her that she is probably tired and that it is ok to be tired, but not ok to throw tantrums.

Sometimes she'd calm down but sometimes she wouldn't.

Today she told me she was angry with me. All the way until we hopped into the car, she started singing a song she made up and the lyrics were all about "naughty mummy" and "Mummy naughty". πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚

Anyway, what a difference 3 years make.

We are still the same, yet not the same.

Still us, but not quite us.

Like the waffle and butter.

(See banner for the 3-years-ago version.)

Same same but different.

We've really outdone ourselves this time, because after breakfast, swimming, packing up and checking out, we headed to the SEA Aquarium.

Doting Daddy bought the tickets because the little one has been asking to go to the aquarium to look at fishes and dolphins since she saw the ad on TV.

It was way too crowded today for us to sufficiently pause at each stop.

And the little one was so high she just kept going, "I want to see some more fish!"

So we had to keep moving. πŸ˜‚

It was very tiring for the both of us, because the hubs had to carry the bubs more than half the time and I kept having the BH kinda contractions while walking.

Not to mention my back was already hurting from sitting in the 0.3m pool because the boss insisted I stay in the pool with her.

We took a picture with a stingray mascot and I looked like a whale?! πŸ˜‚

Which reminds me, when we were in the pool, I tried to laugh at myself by telling the hubs, "Wah I feel like a whale in the water."

And he said, "No lah. You look like a 河马."

He laughed and turned to the bubs, exclaiming, "Look! Mummy is a 河马!" πŸ˜’

My only consolation was that the bubs frowned and told her Daddy, "Mummy is not a 河马!"


Yes, that's one instance of how we have changed.

I didn't manage to capture her naughty mummy song, but this was yet another made up song.

I have no idea what she was singing.

It sounded like "going to buy a string" and "going to buy after that". πŸ˜‚

Christmas came early.

She doesn't know the lyrics in between "Jingle bells" so she always sings some random stuff and sometimes with random accent. πŸ˜‚

And yeah sometimes she sounds like she's swearing. πŸ˜…

Anyway she's really all kinds of cranky and grumpy today, after napping for just 30 minutes while we drove home.

So we tucked her in bed at 830 and she was sound asleep by 845pm.

Our turn to nuah now!

We went into a laughing fit replaying her made-up song.

πŸ‘¦: Wah talented leh! ζœ‰ι«˜ιŸ³οΌŒεˆζœ‰ε‡ιŸ³!

πŸ‘§: ιƒ½δΈζ‡‚εœ¨ε”±δ»€δΉˆ?

πŸ‘¦: εΎˆη†Ÿε˜ž!

πŸ‘§: ε“ͺι‡ŒδΌšη†Ÿ?!

I was in tears by then. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†

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