Staycay at W!

👶: Where are we going today?

👧: We are going to stay in a hotel, remember?

👶: Hotel AGAIN? *Laughs gleefully*

👧: Clarissa, you let Daddy carry you? I'll push the luggage.

👶: No, I push the luggage! Mummy you carry Mama duck.

Oookay. 😂


Dress from her Si-yi and shoes from Next!

I asked her to turn to her side because I wanted to capture the side view of her hair and shoes with rabbit tail.

She turned obligingly and even checked with me, "like this?" and turned her head expertly to look at the camera.


Lunch first!

I was telling her Daddy about her expert head tilt and she demonstrated it again. 😂

She kept asking about her fried rice so I asked her, "So are you a little bit hungry?"

She said, "No, I'm A LOT A LOT hungry!" Complete with both hands making a few BIG circles. 😂

She was very sleepy by the time we finished lunch but she really tried her best not to fall asleep.

"I don't want to sleep. I want to go swimming at the hotel," She insisted.

"You can take a nap first and we can still go swimming after you wake up," Daddy countered.

"No, I want to go now!"
So persistent. 😂

So she dozed off for literally 5 seconds only on the short ride to the hotel.

Nodded off and woke up. 😂

"I sleep already!" She said.

We had an hour before we could check in so I suggesed to have some coffee and ice cream while waiting.

I could use a nap!

But no nap for me so coffee it is.

As usual, very hard to get her to look at the camera when there's ice cream or cake in front of her. 😆

Her very exaggerated "ice cream is so cold" expression. 😂


We are kinda coordinated in our #ootd, coincidentally. 😊

The hubs booked an awesome suite!

Complete with a balcony.

And a very excited little girl.

👦: Clarissa, do you want to go swimming now?

👶: Hmm, not yet.


But of course we went swimming!

She was swimming tirelessly from Daddy to Mummy to Daddy to Mummy in the adult pool.

But I suspect she enjoyed herself the most at the baby pool because she gets to look like she's swimming.. when she's really just supporting herself with her arms.

She even challenged her Daddy to "swim" with her, but when she realised he was catching up, she'd stand up to run to the other end, and declare herself the winner. 😂😆

Giving Daddy a shower.

She'd deliberately stand in front of the mini fountain to get herself splashed.



Back to the room to shower and nuah, and caught this girl pretending to sleep. 😂

We could get used to this.

Probably her favorite spot in the room.

We decided to stay in for dinner to fully enjoy the room.

Ubereats it is!

We thought she'd be too tired to eat properly, but she actually ate quite well on her own, and even fed Mama duck.

By 8pm we were chilling in bed watching Karate Kid for the nth time (and still enjoying it).

She snuggled close and said to me, "Mummy, I'm very tired. I want to sleep."

So we quickly scrambled to make milk for her. Or rather, the hubs got up to make milk while I started singing wheels on the bus a little too loudly.

I got the lyrics all wrong (wipers on the bus goes wah wah wah) and she whined angrily, "Mummy you sing wrongly!" 😂

We managed to make her drink her milk and she fell asleep halfway through the bottle.

She must be really tired!

So we chilled in the living room with complimentary cake and Master Chef.

Thank you for the treat!

I started the day tired (woke up since 430am) and while I remain tired, it has been uplifting getting a little away from home and seeing how happy the little boss is. 😊

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