Bad call, Good call

The hubs showed this to me last night.

There are a few clips of the same daddy doing this on different occasions and it works every time.

l laughed and jokingly said to the hubs that he can try it with xbb next time.

The little boss would probably end up being angrier with us if we did this omm thing to her. 😂

I had a very trying morning today.

The hubs was out and the bubs was having trouble pooping.

Last week her stools were pretty soft so I thought it was time to reduce the frequency of her taking forlax and to introduce probiotics.

Started this new routine on Monday.

It was a bad call because she had pretty hard stools and a hard time pooping since yesterday.

So she was whining and crying A LOT this morning, wanting to poop but twisting her legs together.

I was also having a hard time at the toilet department myself this morning.

My tummy was so tight on top, but painful at the bottom. I had to let it go but it took a few tries and longer than usual each time.

At one point I had to sit on the throne with the toilet door open, and hand the little boss my phone so she could watch one video on YouTube while sitting on the stool in front of the toilet door.

Anyway the plan was to let her finish lunch, get her changed into her swimming costume and wait for Daddy to come back and send her for her swimming lesson.

But shortly after she finished her lunch she had a tummy ache again for perhaps the 5th time for the day.

I had to lie in bed to watch her because I couldn't breathe properly with the tight tummy.

She was standing beside me at our bed and crying.

I think I was about to go nuts so I did the unthinkable.

I started doing the OMM chant.


She looked at me like I was crazy.

And then she stopped crying.

I stopped chanting too, but she asked me why I stopped.

So I started again, and she stopped whining altogether.

Rested her head on the bed while standing.

I asked her if she'd like to come up the bed to rest but she said no.

I turned for a second to text the hubs about this and when I turned to look at her, I saw this:

Poor thing, she dozed off standing.

I struggled off the bed to carry her up, and realised that she was standing in a pretty uncomfortable position.

Not sure if it was because of the chant or because she was too tired from all the pooping attempts..

We skipped the swimming lesson so she could continue sleeping.

She ended up sleeping for only slightly more than an hour.. which means no rest for the rest of the afternoon.

Finally took her to the playground this evening.

It has been quite a long time since we went to the playground!

So every time we drive past a playground she'd exclaim, "Look Mummy, playground!" and then ask me, "Mummy tomorrow we go to the playground ok?"

Glad we brought her because she was so happy.

Asked our helper along because the hubs had to go cut his hair and then get dinner, and I couldn't climb up and down with her.

It was a good call because she had such a blast she was asking our helper to do everything together with her.

So our poor helper had to climb up the steps with her and go down the slide.. So many times I lost count.

She sounded like an encouraging big sister, "Yaya come you hold my hand. You step here. You slide down. I catch you!" 😂

That's her waiting to catch her Yaya coming down on the slide. 😂

But she stood at least 2 metres away from the slide!?

As if Yaya would projectile-fly off the slide. 😅😂

And then she'd run off and ask her Yaya to climb up all over again.

I had to limit the number of attempts and start counting down the minutes to head home. 😂

Glad she had some fun!

Hope the poop comes soon. 😩

Feeling so lethargic and achy the entire weekend.

And it'd be Monday in an hour's time. 😭

It's going to be a four day week but five days worth of work.

I hardly feel rested. 😩