Thank you for being the sweetheart that you are. 😘

The past two days have been a blur.

Especially for Daddy, who was driving to and from the hospital a few times on Sunday, and hadn't been home since.

Grandma left us.

My heart felt so heavy I couldn't sleep.
I can't speak for the hubs but I can only imagine it to be much, much worse for him.

School was closed yesterday so I spent the day at home with her.

She went around asking me and the helper not to talk, because she thought that Daddy was still sleeping.

From time to time she'd ask about her Daddy and offer to sing songs for him, or ask me to call him.

This morning she came into our room, climbed up the bed as usual and asked me, Where's Daddy?

I told her he's at Ah-gong's place.

She snuggled close to me, her head resting on my shoulder.

"I like Mummy and Daddy," she said, smiling brightly.

"We like Clarissa too," I said to her.

She had to be in school by 745am today because of a field trip to watch a play, so I asked her to get changed while I washed up too.

She promptly got off the bed and walked to the door.

"Ok! I be careful my feet!" She said to me before I could say it to her, and swung the door open.

I always tell her to be careful when opening the door because there was once her feet got hit by the door.

The ground was wet after a heavy downpour earlier this morning, and as we stood waiting for the cab, she said to me, "Mummy, you stand here", pointing to a drier spot. "You don't stand there, it's wet."

In the cab, she went through her plan for today.

"Later I go to school, I watch play, I eat lunch, shower, change into Mickey Mouse, sleep, wake up, eat teabreak and then Daddy and Mummy will pick up!"

We'd be at the wake later this afternoon.

I can't be there for the setup and send-off because of xbb and Clarissa is too young to go through the rites.

So I'll be there in the late afternoons from today to Thursday.

My dad and sis are planning to drop by to babysit the little boss.

In fact my dad was here last night and it was nice to see the little one sitting so comfortably beside him, and even resting her head on his arm at one point. 😊