Finally got my back/hips fixed this morning and for the first time in weeks I was able to get into a cab in half the time and without involuntarily saying "Ouch!"

The physiotherapy session really hurt!

Apparently my left xxx bone/joint is locked into my xxx muscle/nerve so it took a while for my physiotherapist to knead it all out.

There's a name for each of the bone/joint/muscle/nerve she worked on but I can't catch or remember anything. 😂

So here's a science-y diagram instead.

The only term I can catch over and over again: SI Joint.


"Symptoms of sacroiliac (SI) joint pain or SI joint dysfunction:

Pain from sacroiliac joint disorders can be felt anywhere in the lower back, buttocks, or in the legs.
Chronic SI joint pain can make it difficult to perform common daily tasks, and affect every aspect of a patient's life.

Chief Complaints:

⚡Lower back pain (below L5)
⚡Sensation of lower extremity: pain, numbness, tingling, weakness
⚡Pelvis / buttock pain 
⚡Hip / groin pain
⚡ Feeling of leg instability (buckling, giving way)
⚡Disturbed sleep patterns due to pain
⚡Disturbed sitting patterns (unable to sit for long periods, sitting on one side)
⚡Pain going from sitting to standing"

And I check all the boxes. 😭

Anyway she recommended more exercises for me in order to prolong the post-physio effect.

I can't do a lot of walking anymore so she said I should do walking exercises in the pool!

I'll literally be a whale / penguin in water. 😂

My boss just came home from school with a new hairdo and a care pack containing 1 pack of raisins, 1 longan, 2 blueberries, 2 cheese cubes and 3 cherry tomatoes.

Showed them to me very excitedly and asked me to open it right after she got changed because she wanted to eat all the tiny fruits (or is it food).

Well in the end she only ate the blueberries and a few raisins.

Licked the tomatoes but didn't have the courage to bite through them. Stuffed each one of them into my mouth instead.

Took a small nibble of the cheese and asked me to finish the rest of it. 😂

Thanks ah.

She taxed my egg tart but only ate the tart. Only bit the outer crust so I was mostly left with the egg. 😒

I also prefer the tart part lor. 😂


Ah so they are learning about fruits this week.

One of the tasks was to say the name of the fruit they like and place the pictures of themselves against the picture of that fruit.

Our boss here indicated banana as her favorite fruit, out of the options of watermelon, banana, strawberry and durian.

She also declared to me that I'm Y 老师today and made me speak Chinese to her almost the entire evening.

She would try her best to respond in Chinese and also ask me to explain the Chinese words she's not familiar with.

Her Chinese vocabulary is quite limited so half the time she was still speaking English.

For example:
👧: 晚餐好吃吗?
👶: 好吃。Yaya cook 的。


Still, it's very good progress because at least she's open to learning and speaking Chinese!

Also took the opportunity while putting away her magnets together to quiz her on numbers and alphabets.

She can recognise all the numbers from 1 to 9!

She loves quizzing me about "6" and "9" simply by flipping the number over.

"That's right!" She'd say in a very encouraging tone like she's the teacher whenever I get it right.

She doesn't seem as good with alphabets though. 😅

It's great to see her progress and enjoy school!

Her VP asked for video clips of the children wishing the teachers and aunties happy teacher's day and I managed to send her a clip out of the 5 we took.

Lol lots of NG coz someone so shy.

Also bought gifts for her 3 class teachers and snacks for the rest of the teachers and aunties!

Can't wait for them to arrive so I can put them together.

Just want to show some appreciation for her teachers and aunties in school!

Afterall it's really not an easy job.

And it looks like Clarissa's doing quite well under their guidance and care. 😊

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