Introvert vs. Extrovert

Read an interesting entry by a dayremom about her girl, who sounds quite similar to the little boss.

They genuinely care about the people around them, are very comfortable and unreserved when they are in familiar environment with people they are familiar with, and yet very shy and reserved, sometimes to the point of having stranger aversion, when they are in an unfamiliar setting.

Which begs the question: Are they introverts or extroverts?

I guess the quick answer is that no one person is only one-dimensional so you can be an introverted extrovert or an extroverted introvert, or primarily an introvert/extrovert but with a few extrovert/introvert characteristics or tendency.

Since I'm at my me time lunch time now, I did some quick internet research. 😂

The deciding factor seems to be where you draw your energy from, and not so much about whether your are shy or outspoken.


Introverts vs. Extroverts.

I think I can check all the boxes in the Introvert list of characteristics. 😂

Yet I really enjoy the consumer work I do and the #consumerstories.
I am pretty good at giving training, at least based on the scores and feedback I get.
I love catching up with my sisters and close friends, and talking to the hubs and bubs.

Ooh and I love a good debate, though half the time it's all in my head. 😂

#1 energises me and tires me out in equal capacity.

#2 – I don't volunteer unless I'm asked to. 😂 I usually stop talking for the rest of the day after I finish a training.

#3 definitely energises me. 😊

I guess I'm mostly introvert.

The hubs, on the other hand, is mostly extrovert.

Draws energy from people, especially his friends. Check.

Has many different groups of friends, ranging from primary to secondary to JC to university to army to ex-colleagues, and all fairly big groups. Check.

Enjoys big-group meet-ups. Check.

His social calendar is hence much more populated than mine.
And I don't mind it or stop him, except in situations where I really need him to be at home, and it needs to be balanced.

i.e. he can't be going out everyday of the week (not that he would) and he needs to still spend time with the bubs.

I'm fine staying at home as long as I get my occasional me-time coffee time or me-time shopping time.

And this little girl, I suspect, would turn out to be an extrovert. 😆

Once she eases her cautiousness and overcomes her shyness, she actually draws energy from being outdoors and with people.

Little miss extrovert spoke to her Xiaogugu, Dagugu, Ah-gong and Ah-ah tonight via video call.

She also asked me to help her call Wai-po but my mom didn't pick up the call.

After talking to everyone and saying goodnight, she asked me to video-call Mummy and Clarissa. 😂

I told her it's impossible but she insisted.

So I turned on the front camera instead.

And it worked? She started talking to herself in the screen. 😂

Hahaha I couldn't help but take a video.

She was talking about her school and introducing the areas where they have assembly, eat their meals, dance and sing.. and so on.

She was much more coherent the first time she said it. This was the second "video-call" where she started to get a bit confused and kept repeating the "areas". 😂

This is the first time I've finished the entire jar of Vicks.

Usually it expires before it can be used up.

But we've been using so much Vicks for my back rubs that we actually finished it! 😂

And it's a jumbo size Vicks I bought from the UK! 😲

Hahaha that's why the hubs wants to call xbb "Vicky" or "Victoria". 😂🤣

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