👶: Where are we going today?

👧: What do you want to do?

👶: I want to go shopping, eat lunch, and go Wai-po's place.


Yep, our little boss is now planning our weekends for us. 😆🤣

She woke up at 5ish this morning, zoomed into our room, drank milk, rolled around the bed for some time, and went back to sleep.

I'm so glad she's started doing this again because in the past few weeks she's been waking up really early (the 530-615am kinda early) and declaring she wants to wake up and get changed after drinking her milk. 😩

So today she slept until 745am, sat up and asked me sleepily, "Why Meimei's bottle so small?" with both hands cupped together.

Hahahaha #toddlerlogic.

Literally the first question of the day.

Must be because we were unpacking my purchases from Philips Avent last night.
@Simiwako shared a very good deal with me so I went ahead to #buybuybuy.

Also bought bottles for the little boss, because it'd be time to replace her bottles by the time Meimei arrives. She chose coloured and the ones with animal prints. Lol.

Deliberately went for Classic bottles for her and Natural for Meimei, so that we can easily differentiate the teats.

Also bought a new sterilizer to replace current one which we have been using for almost 3 years already!

But everything goes into the storeroom for now since there is no space in the kitchen cabinets.

Hahahaha is it triple chin? 😂

Daddy took this picture hor. 😂🤣

Wanted to have dim sum for lunch but the restaurant was full. We were too hungry to wait so Ootoya it was.

They have kid's meals so this girl chose to have omurice!

The plan was to go for lunch, walk around and head to my parents' place.

But we found out that no one would be at home. So the boss kept asking me why her Yi-yis and Wai-po aren't at home.

We went on a mini shopping spree at adidas outlet (must take pictures later) and she had fun following us to the changing room and making funny faces wherever she saw her own reflection.

And then we saw Peppa Pig's car.

She insisted on taking mama duck out of the bag to sit beside her. 😂

Shared a soya bean ice cream with Daddy.

The spoon was for her but after a while she insisted on eating directly from the cone so he had to swap with her. 😂

Showing us how one can manage to look cheeky even when eating ice cream.

Ice cream face!

👦: Are you sure you want to go to Wai-po's place? There is no one there today you know.

👶: I'm sure, Daddy.

👦: Really?

👶: Yes, I still want to go to Wai-po's place.

We were too wowed by her choice of words so here we are. 😂

She fell asleep in the car on our way here and the hubs had no trouble transferring her to my parents' bed.

Shopping is tiring business!

She took another epic 3-hour nap today.

Of which I managed to nap for 30 minutes.

Somewhere at the 1-hour mark she started inching closer to me and putting one hand on my arm.

And then she moved even closer and used my shoulder as her pillow.

At one point she opened her eyes, looked at me and went back to sleep, snuggling even closer, her head on my chest, my arm wrapped around her back.

So I was the human mattress for nearly 2 hours. 😂😆

My shoulder turned stiff, my legs took turns to cramp up and I thought I'd dislocated my hip joints when I sneezed. 😂

But it's a nice feeling. 😍😍

When she woke up she insisted on showing Si-yi her new toy, which was a free gift that came as part of her kid's meal.

My sis was taking a nap in the room so I knocked on her door very gently.
We waited outside the door until the little boss said, "Let me try." and knocked quite loudly. 😂

So much for insisting that I knock on the door.

We all went out to pack dinner before dropping her Si-yi and Gor-gor home.

She refused to say goodbye to them, but turned to look at me sadly after they left and said to me, "I want Si-yi to sit beside me."

Haha why you never say earlier. 😂

Shopping loot!

I usually don't take pictures of purchases for myself, especially not for something as mundane as running shorts.

But the hubs said these would be my birthday present so I told him I'm going to take a picture of them. 😂

I've been looking for shorts like this that fits my belly with a thick band because I've been having rashes on my back. Shorts with elastic bands make the rashes worse.

Anyway so happy to find these shorts. 50-70% discount! New pieces! Size M!

I can wear them as regular running shorts after giving birth!

I was planning to buy only 2 but the hubs said, buy more lah!

So I got 3, for less than $60!
Sponsored by the hubs.

(I'm seeing a pattern here, that the hubs likes buying shorts for me. Because my first mother's day present from him was fbt shorts. 😂)

Lazy to resize the picture, but he also went on a shopping spree with jerseys.

Also 50-70% off!

He said his CNY clothes are settled lol.

Good, because I don't think I'll have time to shop for CNY next year. 😁

And jerseys are best for twinning! Or three-ning, Daddy with the two girls. ✌

Kissing my belly and making funny faces.

And then she proceeded to tickle my belly.

Said she's tickling Meimei. 🤣

Took a while for her to fall asleep, and she asked me to hold her hand.

Aww I like this kind of holding hands to sleep.

Can't say for sure for the other kind. 😂😂

Honestly I don't know why there is a need to tell people how you fall asleep on the bed with your husband?

But I guess the reason why people write on social media is because we all have opinions about things. There are things we feel passionate about, or feel a need/want to express or talk about, and hence it becomes a Facebook/IG/Dayre entry.


To each his/her own!

I've been wanting to write about this but as it is, I can barely string my thoughts together these days.
Now let me attempt to. 😂

There are many interest groups here on Dayre.

#Dayremums, mums who are very much into food and nutrition, mums who believe in home schooling or learning at home, mums who simply like writing about their kids (erm, me 🤗).. And so on.

And there are the brides to be, homeowners to be, people who like writing and sharing about fashion and beauty.

It's all good.

Yet not every Dayrean and every post sit well with people.

While tonality and writing style play a part, it's also how the writer tries to portray him/herself and how much he/she imposes his/her thoughts on others.

So the over-the-top, indulgent and oblivious, the nasty and judgemental, the wolf in sheep clothing kind of posts really don't appeal to me.

I choose to ignore or laugh at the self indulgent ones, but sometimes it irritates me to a certain extent because it felt like they were trying to paint a picture of something which is unrealistic.

The nasty and judgemental ones irk me.

I once read about a mom who works full time, sends her kid to child care, picks her up after work, goes home to cook dinner and do household chores.. all without a helper.

I'm full of admiration, because this is something I don't think I can do.

Everyone's circumstances are different so comparisons are quite meaningless.

She had strong views about hiring a helper, and they are valid. I had the same doubts too, but I chose not to focus on them.

Yet what put me off, was a particular incident she wrote about, when she brought her kid to the playground and encountered rowdy kids who nearly bullied hers.

She very quickly noted that these kids were all brought to the playground by their helpers and hence had no discipline.

She also went on to criticise parents who give birth but leave their kids to domestic helpers, insinuating that kids brought up by helpers can never be good.

That really stung, not because I thought she was describing me (I'd not let my helper bring Clarissa to the playground on her own) but because it was a mother judging other mothers.

I stopped reading her entries.

There's another mom who writes a lot about food and nutrition.

Everything organic, only breast milk, carbs are bad.

She's gotten some negative comments from other moms because of her tonality, and people say they make her feel bad.

To be honest, sometimes she makes me feel bad too.

Her baby does so well on all KPIs – eats well, sleeps well, poops well.
All of which I can't quite claim the same for Clarissa. 😂

Her dedication to providing only breast milk, though it irks me sometimes, is something I can never match.

Yet I continue to read her, because while her tonality might be a little harsh at times, I don't think she's imposing her opinion on others, nor is she judging others who do not have the same beliefs or practices like she has.

In fact I find her posts very educational! And some of which I'm thinking of practising with Meimei.

Again our circumstances are different.

Just because she's a super-mum (not because she tries to portray herself as one but because I genuinely think she is quite superb) does not make me a bad mum.

We all want the best for our kids, but the definition of what's best would differ from parent to parent.

So I actually enjoy reading her entries, most of the time.

While sometimes we really need people to write responsibly, we should also read responsibly.

You can't control what others write about or how they write about it, but you can control how you react to or feel about it.

No one can belittle you, especially when it is not directed at you, unless you let them.

Of course there would always be a handful who are so full of themselves they go all out to belittle others.

So walk away, stop reading, and stop feeding his/her ego!

It's all up to us. ✌

I love the group chat I have with my sisters where we share the latest social media gossip and our thoughts on them.

Usually lots of eye rolling involved, but mostly fun and funny.

Taking things with a pinch of salt and a dash of sugar! 😉