Wtf I've just left office and got into a cab.

I have a feeling that the little boss would be unhappy with me. πŸ˜‚

One of my pet peeves:
πŸš•: Which way do you want to go?
πŸ‘§: PIE?
πŸš•: PIE jam leh. You check GPS.

There are only 2 possible routes/expressways to get to the destination.
Why ask me for the preferred route if you already know there's a jam on one of the routes?
Do you think I'd say, "Oh good to know BUT I INSIST ON PIE"?


I'm tired, so sometimes I just need the answer and not the problem or the (lack of) options.

I think I know how to appreciate upfront suggestions like, "There is a jam on PIE, do you mind going by XXX instead?"

Yet I get this weird, indirect way of suggesting the route a lot, and today's the last straw.

Must complain on Dayre already. πŸ˜‚

So the little boss wasn't angry or upset with me when I got home late.

Instead she asked me to carry her and told me about her day.

Mostly about Ah going scolding her "Fuai Dan!" (坏蛋in Cantonese accent πŸ˜‚) and her crying and telling him she wants Daddy and Mummy. πŸ˜‚

Just before bedtime, Daddy wanted to clean her nose so we got her to rest her head on my tummy.

And in my tummy, I felt xbb move towards her sister. πŸ˜„

While waiting for her milk, I said to her, "I think Meimei was very happy just now when you rested on Mummy's tummy. Because Meimei moved towards Jiejie Clarissa!"

Her face lit up and she smiled as she asked, "Why huh? Why Meimei happy? Is Meimei not happy when I'm not lying down on your tummy?"

"Yes, Meimei is happy because Jiejie Clarissa is lying down beside her!" I told her.

Immediately she got off her bed and came over to rest her head on my tummy.

"Like this? Meimei happy?" She looked at me and smiled so, so sweetly.

Awww. 😍😍