The little one's been having a runny nose and phlegmy cough since Friday.

In a bid to make her drink more water, the hubs introduced a rewards program. 😂

Finish half a cup of water and she gets to watch 2 videos on YouTube. Finish the entire cup and she gets to watch 3.

*No judging please*
We still control her total screen time and she's very disciplined in returning the tablet to us.

She typically selects videos that are not more than 7 minutes so it's not so bad.

But when she selects a video that are da bombz like an hour long, we cheat by fast forwarding it. 😂

Besides achieving the objective of making her drink water, we also see her negotiation skills at play.

At one point yesterday she felt that half a cup was too much for her to finish, so she offered to drink just a third of it and asked for just one video.

Daddy agreed.

So she drank a third of the water, and finished watching that one video.

She stopped the next video from playing and said to her Daddy, "Daddy, pass me my water! I want to drink until half and then I watch one more video, ok?"


The amazing thing is that she keeps to her promise and really finishes the water before she starts picking and watching the videos.

And once she is done watching the agreed number of videos, she promptly returns the tablet to us without us asking for it.

Sometimes she'd try her luck by asking for more.

"2 videos ok?" Daddy would say.

"2?" She'd repeat the number and hold up 2 fingers. And then she'd push up another finger and say, "3 ok?"

This afternoon I was trying to make her finish eating a banana so I said she could watch 2 videos if she finished eating the banana.

She's not a big eater and sometimes she really eats like a dainty princess, picking out her food in smaller pieces and nimbling slowly.

But she was taking bigger than usual bites of the banana and telling me, in between bites:

I can watch a lot of videos because I eat so much!


She didn't end up finishing the banana but she ate a good two thirds of it, which is more than her usual portion.

So I offered to let her watch just one video.

She was so happy and excited watching the 7 minute video but when it ended she promptly returned the tablet to me.

I gave in and offered to let her watch another one if she could drink more water.

So here she is, drinking water intently while staring at the paused video screen.

I hope I don't jinx it by writing about it but I feel so proud whenever she returns the tablet to us like a little big kid.

So sometimes I forget that she's really just 2.5 years young.

And that, of course, she'd still do things like singing me a mother's day song that goes:

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to Mother's Day!
Happy birthday to Mummy!

She'd then blow the candles and use her hand like a knife to cut the cake into two pieces, hand one to me while she pretends to gobble up the other piece.

"One for Clarissa, one for Mummy!" She'd declare gleefully. "No more for Daddy and Yaya!" 😅😂

Or that she'd enjoy eating a (real) cake so much it gets all over her face.

I was half watching the 8pm documentary 《小当家》 on Channel 8 tonight while reading to her (She wasn't watching tv at all), and it was time for milk and bed when the 9pm drama came on.

Made a bad decision of letting her watch the first part of it because she was so invested in the storyline. It was quite a heart wrenching scene of a grandma chasing after the grandson who tried to sneak away because he felt guilty.

The little one asked us so many questions. Why the grandson run away? Why the lao ma so sad? 😢

We answered her questions and promptly turned off the TV.

Did the usual routine of saying good night and tucking her in bed. The hubs left her room while I lay down on the mattress beside her cot as she drank her milk.

I do this every night, accompany her as she falls asleep. But I neither sing to her nor pat her to sleep.

But tonight, halfway through her milk, she said to me, "Mummy, I'm scared. Can you hold my hand?"

She handed over her half finished bottle of milk and used both her hands to hold on to my outstretched hands.

Seeing that she seemed unsettled I offered to sing her a song.

"What song do you want to listen to?" I asked her gently.

"Wheels on the bus," she answered, her hands holding onto mine tightly.

I hummed the tune but instead of closing her eyes she was looking at me intently.

"Mummy, I want to poop," She said, sounding worried.

It got me worried too, so I carried her out of her cot and she ran into our room to sit with her Daddy.

We asked her if she'd like to go back to bed, and she said she wanted to sleep beside Mummy on the mattress instead.

I obliged and once we were lying side by side on the mattress, she asked me, "Mummy, can I hold your hand?"

So we slept hand in hand, facing each other.

She was fast asleep in less than two minutes.

But I continued holding onto her hand, feeling her breath on the back of my hand and taking in deep breaths of her hair that smelt like a mix of baby-ness and sweaty-ness.

Kissed her forehead a few times as I tried to wipe her sweat away.

At that moment I felt like she was a little baby all over again.

No more 9pm drama for her.

I hope she sleeps well tonight and wakes up cheeky and happy again tomorrow.