Clarissa's funny antics this morning.

After finishing her milk on our bed this morning, she sat up and lifted my t-shirt up to expose my tummy.

She then proceeded to lie down with her head resting on my belly, turning her head from time to time.

I didn't quite realise what she was trying to do, until she said to me:

Mummy, you must say 'it's so ticklish'!!


Hahahaha I wasn't expecting her to do that? Somemore lift up my t-shirt to ensure it would be ticklish.

So I obliged and said to her, "Clarissa, this is so ticklish!"

Even though it was more comfortable than ticklish. Belly too thick to really feel the tickle. 😂😅

On our way to school, the hubs started singing along to a song playing on the radio.

"Daddy, can you please don't sing?" She requested, in a calm manner.

We were slightly surprised. She said "please" and she didn't sound angry. 😂

"I never shout ok," She added.

Lol so we said yes thank you for not shouting and stopped singing along to the songs playing on the radio. 😂

As recounted to me by our helper.

The two of them were playing together, and the little boss made our helper pretend to be the baby while she acted as the mummy. 😂

Apparently she told our helper things like "you don't anyhow move", "sit here and wait for Mummy" and "come and eat your food now".


I think our helper didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

There were lots of toys strewn all over the floor, but the little one wanted to start playing with another toy.

So I asked her nicely to keep the other toys first.

"Mummy can't walk across the floor with all the toys here," I explained to her.

She nodded, but instead of putting the toys away, she started hopping across the floor by stepping on the spaces not occupied by the toys.

"See, Mummy! Can cross like that!" She said and showed me her moves again.


Good try, but I insisted there was not enough space for me to hop around like her.

And she actually sat down to put the toys away on her own!

Mummy 1, Little boss 0.

99% adorable, 1% cheeky!