Hahahaha I'm loving this.

Fathers' Day celebration in school today!

It's "Donuts with Daddy" day and she picked a chocolate donut for Daddy.

There are two interesting workshops – Hair styling and Self defence – which Daddys can join with their kids. I encouraged them to join, otherwise it might be quite boring.

So the hubs asked her which one she wanted to go for, and she picked hair styling. But when they went for it, she said her hair was already very nice (I pleated her hair this morning) so don't need to style. 😂

I think they ended up just running around the school.

Hahahaha I'm sure she's got her goofy genes from Daddy.

According to the hubs, she was all teary and whiny when it was time for him to leave the school.

But the moment she was promised biscuits and that he'd pick her up after school, she ran off to join her friends happily.

After dinner, we sent my sis #5 aka Ah-ah aka #superbabysitter home, and brought the little one along.

Before we left our place she asked us:

When I go to Wai-po's place, what do I say huh?


We laughed and told her she should say hello.

She made herself at home when we got there and happily helped herself to all the cookies and potato chips Wai-po offered.

She also kept asking where Si-yi was. When I told her Si-yi was out she insisted on calling her. 😂

But half the time she was sitting comfortably on Ah-ah's lap.

When it was time for us to go home, she kept asking Ah-ah to put on her slippers and go home with us. 😢

We told her Ah-ah is staying at home at Wai-po's place.

👶: Why huh, why Ah-ah stay at Wai-po's place?

👧: Because she's going to university soon, so she's moving home.

👶: Why? Why Ah-ah cannot stay at Daddy's place?

👧: She can and she can visit anytime. You can call her every day if you want.

👶: Ok.

Haha so sensible like that.

I'm sure she'll miss having Ah-ah around to spend time with / disturb.

Thank you #superbabysitter for stepping in to help us!

As we drove home, she turned her attention back to Si-yi.

"Why is so dark! Where is Si-yi and where Gor-gor sleep huh?"

Aye so kaypo.