Our cheeky minion after finishing her dinner.

I was resting in bed just before dinner was served.. and I dozed off. 😂
When I woke up she'd just finished her dinner.

She asked me to put it on as a belt for her and said she'd take a picture. 😂

It's fun talking to her these days, because she'd voluntarily share with me what happened in school or at home.

Last night she told me, "C beat her friends today. Teacher L very angry!"

So I asked her who C hit.

"C beat K! And then C cry. C is naughty," she said.

Lol it made me wonder if C hit K or if K hit C. Because why would you hit someone and then you cry? 😂

And then she grabbed hold of the Minion figurine which my sis#4 bought for her, and said to the Minion:

Minion, come I talk to you ok? You cannot beat your friends ok?



Managed to squeeze in 20 minutes to have dinner with her before my evening call.

She stayed out mostly while I was taking the call.

But I still had some work to finish after the call, so she came in and asked to sit beside me to draw. 😘

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