Met up with @Simiwako for lunch today!

Here's our two girls who started out shy but became hand-holding friends later on. 😁

The Daddys took them out for a walk while the Mummys chit-chatted!

So nice catching up!

Oh and as usual thank you for sharing the great deals. Hehe.

I came home and ordered a car seat and 3 cartons of Pampers Premium pants. 😂

$50 per carton! It's the cheapest ever. I usually spend about $70, and that's already after some kind of discount.

So #buybuybuy first, think about the storage later when it is delivered. 😂😂

Clarissa's new poop philosophy

She pooped twice today!

Both times she came to me and said: "Mummy, I poop but I never cry."

"That's good!" I said to her.

She nodded and continued:

The more you cry, the poop poop won't come out.



I really don't know who's been telling her she's a pretty girl. 😂