Uniqlo sale!

I've topped up her supply of Mickey/Minnie Mouse t-shirts, because she's always insisting on wearing her MM t-shirts to school.

Usual price $14.90.
After discount $7.90.

I bought 4! But in bigger sizes. #kiasu

Got her to open up the parcel when she came back from school.

Little fashionista started putting on her new clothes.

She put on the MM leggings on her own, and matched it with the t-shirt.

Quite legit.

The t-shirt is way too oversized for her because it's size 120. 😂

But very good buy because MM looks like it's embroidered on!

And then she refused to change out of her clothes. 😂🤣

My back and tailbone were hurting quite badly so I tried to lie down in bed for a bit after showering.

The little boss came into the room and asked me, "Mummy, is your back painful?"


So I told her, yes it's a little painful.

She proceeded to open the jar of Vicks, lifted up my t-shirt and applied Vicks for me!


And while applying, she kept asking me, "Mummy, is it ok?"

And she ate so heartily during dinner!

Our helper cooked fish (steamed for the little boss, fried with black sauce for the adults), bakut teh and..

Glass noodles!

Omg my favourite. 😁

Clarissa took a bite of the glass noodles and went, "Yummy!"

At first she kept scooping the glass noodles from the plate to hers.
The more she ate, the more she wanted to eat.

She ended up pulling the entire plate of tanghoon towards herself, and wanted to eat directly from it. 😂

I had to stop her and get a separate bowl of tanghoon for her.

So she was really whacking the tanghoon while we fed her the rice and fish.

She then moved on to the soup, before she mixed everything together and finished her dinner on her own very quickly.

Once she fed herself the last spoonful of rice, she looked up from the bowl and said to us, "Clap!"

Yeah these days we are expected to clap for her when she finishes her dinner.