The little one's running a fever.

We got to school after a crazy morning routine, and her temperature read 38.5°C on one side and 37.2°C on another.

The teacher in charge kept checking but it really was a fever. So we came home and I took urgent childcare leave.

Aww she kept looking in the direction of the classroom, "I cannot go in? Why I cannot go in?" 😢

I explained to her that it was because she had a fever and needed to rest at home.

"Orrrrh," she said like she understood. "Why?" 😂

Yep, the "why" phase has already started.

On our way back she kept telling me, something along the lines of, if she can go in her teacher can carry her.

And then she asked me why she had a fever.


Hope she gets better soon.

She's down for a nap now after a very trying morning.