#airportfashion lol

"Clarissa, did you tell duck duck she's going on a holiday with you?" I'd asked her this morning.

"No I didn't," she said in a wise motherly tone. "Duck duck cannot talk."


Then why are you always asking us to pretend to talk through your animal friends?

So happy to see her happy.

On our very long walk to the boarding gate, she was sitting in the airport stroller and singing "Old McDonald's had a farm", quite loudly.

All. The. Way.

Obviously she ran out of farm animals to sing about so her farm had a tiger and a lion, which roar roar here, everywhere roar roar. 😂😁

The flight was pretty decent.

She slept for slightly less than two hours.

We selected the Mickey Mouse cartoon for her to watch, although she wasn't fully concentrating on it.

Every other minute though, she would say to me, "Mummy, can you ask Mickey Mouse to look at me?"

That was whenever Mickey mouse was not on screen, or somewhere far away.

She was in an equally happy mood when we touched down.

Though she was asking every few seconds, "We are here? We are here?"

Much to Ah-gong's amusement.

On our way to collect our luggage, she was asking us, "Daddy, are you the best Daddy? Mummy, are you the best Mummy? Clarissa is the best Clarissa?"

Lol of course we are the best.

She was also practising to say "my name is called Clarissa" while we were queuing at the immigration!

Hahaha but when she got to the officer, she kept quiet. 😂

Love her in this "Michelin" jacket!

But she refused to pose properly for a picture so this is all I could manage.

When I bought it, the hubs was laughing and saying "are you sure?" But today he told me she looks lovely in it. #biaseddad

One thing that makes her really happy coming on a holiday is in fact, jackets.

She has exclaimed to me several times, "I can wear jackets everyday!"

She loves wearing jackets.

Not many pictures today since we were mostly on the road.

Headed out for dinner and that was it. 👍✌

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