Breakfast for champions.

Only because there were no seats in the crowded yakun next door.

So glad I took leave today, anticipating the need to pack for our trip and to settle the helper.

Still feeling under the weather though.

Yesterday morning was such a struggle I decided to work from home despite having already painted my face and despite a calendar filled with back to back meetings.

The hubs encouraged me to take some time off for breakfast this morning so here I am, chillaxing away.

I do need to get home to finish off some work and get packing.

And hopefully get some time to rest.
It'd be awful to go on a holiday feeling sick.

So yesterday, I had #babysitters to the rescue.

Three, in fact.

Couldn't get my elder sis in the same frame.

This little girl had so much fun, as usual.

We had a Kenny Rogers feast (lol) while she taxed the corn niblets and finished her own dinner of fried rice and fish.

Her Auntie O took a very dreamy picture of her.

We've added more people to her animal kingdom.

She's been so consistent I think there must be some logic to how she assigns animals to people.
(Daddy would be protesting, lol.)

Apparently, Auntie O is a lion and Da-yi is a rabbit. 😂😆

I shared this with the hubs and his first reaction was, why am I still piggy?

She was going around asking us if we are brothers or sisters.

So I tried to explain to her that I'm a sister and Ah-ah is my sister.

She protested.

"No! Ah-ah is my…" (Paused to think for a good 10 seconds)



Today turned out to be a pretty hectic day.

Gave the helper a day off.

Spent the morning finishing up some work.

Started packing for the little boss.

Decided not to be lazy and to at least order the 500 prints from photobook before the voucher expires.

FIL came by to pick up Clarissa, bringing along a big bag of assorted bread.

He learned that the helper's off today and asked about dinner.

I said I'll be cooking.

He said to me, nevermind there is bread. 😂

I laughed, genuinely finding his comment funny.

Told him it won't be that bad and he laughed too.

Picked up Clarissa, who was quite chatty today.

"Mummy, today I eat watermelon!" She announced as she sat down.

"Wow you did!" I said to her.

"But I don't like," she continued without missing a beat.

Ah-gong burst out laughing at her comment.

She went on to tell me how her best friend K finished everything but she couldn't because she doesn't like watermelon, that she likes banana. 😂

Made dinner while the sister played with the little boss.

Sister went out to meet her friend and the little boss sat glued to my lap. 😅

Had to persuade her to let me go and keep the clothes in.

She watched me from the kitchen entrance, exclaiming, "Mummy so strong!" each time I took in a bamboo pole full of clothes.

She even helped me put the clean laundry away.

And then it was time to eat, and I started heating up the food.

She was standing at the safety gate watching me when her face turned into a slight grimace.

"You want to poop?" I asked her.

"No, I want to eat dinner," she said, still frowning.

"Then I'll heat up the dinner later?" I offered.

"No, I want to eat!" She protested. More frowning.

And then I kinda lost it and asked her:

Do you want to poop or do you want to eat?

She was taken aback by the urgency in my tone.

Anyway i poured everything back into the pan because in the midst of our exchange, she'd emerged triumphant and announced to me, "I poop so big!" 😂

Daddy called right at this juncture and she made the same public service announcement.

Whisked her off to shower and get changed before we finally sat down for our dinner.

Pardon the messy hair, no time to comb. 😂

She took a bite, turned to me and said, "Mummy, it's yummy!"

Awww my heart.

I know it's not that yummy, because I tasted it and it was.. just normal.

She took a while to get used to the taste but eventually finished everything on her own.

Yep, little miss Samseng finishing her dinner.

Look at how she rests her legs. 🙈

Eh.. She probably only finished 3/4 of the food and fed the rest to the table and floor. 😂🤣

I guess this is a small snippet of a day in the life of a stay at home mum.

It's tough, so hats off to all SAHMs.

I have been so exhausted in the recent months, coming home after work and diving straight into feeding / bathing / changing / playing / reading / etc duty.

But at least there's food on the table and clean laundry already so it's not like there's no help at all.

I have no illusions of ever becoming domesticated or an expert chef so I didn't feel particularly proud when Clarissa said the dinner was yummy and finished all of it (Ok, 3/4).

I just felt happy because she was so appreciative.

That's all that matters.

The hubs, on the other hand, said the fried rice was just so so and ok for someone who doesn't really cook.

And when I tried to protest saying my sis had done the taste test and said it was not bad, he said his fried rice is better, and that anyway it's not difficult to make fried rice.


And then he says he's just kidding. 🙁😒