The little boss must have been learning a lot about animals in school.

We were tasked with making an animal dice (made singlehandedly by the hubs) and playing with her.

She's supposed to imitate the action or sound of the animal shown on the dice and we are supposed to take pictures of her doing it.

Here's little miss giraffe.

And little miss elephant (although the dice says monkey).

This evening we were all sitting idly on the sofa while she went around asking each one of us, "Are you a brother or sister?"

We took turns answering her.

Out of the blue, she said, "Ah-ah is a kangaroo!"

We all laughed, very amused.

"I'm an elephant!" She volunteered.

👦: What is Daddy?

👶: Daddy is.. (pausing for dramatic effect).. a..


I couldn't stop laughing.

👦: Which animal is Mummy?

👶: Mummy is..

👦: Also a piggy?
👧: A pretty girl?

👶: Mummy!

She ran into her room to get her usual piece of cloth to wrap around her head.

👶: I'm a pretty girl!

👦: Ok you are a pretty girl. So which animal is Mummy?

👶: Mummy is a.. giraffe!

👦: No, Daddy is a giraffe! Mummy is a piggy!

👶: No!