Wai-po was asking about this t-shirt she bought with Da-yi sometime back, which was way too big for her then.

Now she can wear!

Quickly model.

Our model today quite obliging.

We were planning to head out for breakfast because I had a cheque to collect.

Asked her what she wanted to have for breakfast, her first choice was "waffle!", followed by "corn cup!".

The hubs googled and found out that Oberstrasse opens at 9am, so we decided to go!

She remembered the place even before we reached. Told us she wanted to eat waffle, potato (rosti) and egg.

She was very chirpy on our way there.

She was singing nonstop while we were chatting. She stopped us and said, "Hey Daddy, can you listen to my song?" 😆

When she stopped singing, she placed her duck on her head and asked us, "What's on my head?" 🤣

Lol looking longingly at Daddy who was ordering our food at the counter.

Every 10 seconds she'd ask me, "Where's the waffle?"

Mummy, can you be faster?


Nom nom nom.

Ate on her own.

When she was done eating, she turned to Daddy and asked, "Daddy, can I sit on your lap?"

Hello, double chin.

Excuse me? 😂😆