👦: Clarissa, can you please go and take a shower?

👶: I'm busy.


She's doing something imaginary on that chair and clapping happily when it's done. 😅


I was playing with her and this Daddy kept using his foot to disturb me.

So I complained to the boss.

She told her Daddy, "Hey Daddy, don't use your feet to disturb Mummy's side!"

But he deliberately kept on doing it.

Guess what she did next?

She stood up and walked over to sit between me and her Daddy!

👶: "Baby protect Mummy."


After a while she got bored of playing with her toys and went to sit next to her Daddy again.

👶: Hey Daddy! Disturb me!

👦: Huh? Ok. (Uses feet to tickle her)

👶: Hey Daddy! Why you disturb me?


Pretending to be disturbed. 😂

Video evidence.

Making her Big Big Peppa walk.


Ride tricycle.

In fact she told Big Big Peppa that they need to take turns at the tricycle.

So she'd push Peppa around, carry her out and then ask me to carry her into the tricycle.

And repeat.

Lunch time involved Daddy making a fake phone call to the coach to inform him that Clarissa might not be going for her swimming lesson because she wasn't eating her lunch properly.

Wah immediately started eating and finished very quickly.

And then Daddy had to make another phone call to the coach informing him that we'll be there afterall.

Hahaha literally dangling a carrot. 😂

She picked up the phone herself and said, "Hello coach! I finished my lunch! I can go swimming!"

And then she was impatiently hurrying us up.

I asked her to go and play with her toys first while I prepared her bag.

She said, "I don't want to play toys. I want to go swimming already."

She even helped her Daddy to pack!


She can finally wear the shoes her Wai-po bought for her so I asked her to take a picture to show Wai-po.

Her Daddy taught her to pose like this fhl. 😂

So she did this fashion model "I'm not happy but I'm sexy" kinda pose. 😂😂

OK, slightly better.

Guess what?

She fell asleep on our short ride to the school.

We were early, considering how much she hurried us, so we let her sleep for 15 minutes before waking her up.

Aww. She has been looking forward to this for two weeks. 😁

Hahaha she caught sight of #mamarazzi.

I didn't manage to take pictures because there were too people but there was a new fixture at the pool.

A mini slide!

She went up and slided down three times, and into the water.

I think she'd have kept doing it if the lesson wasn't ending.

She couldn't stop talking about it later on.

All was good after the swimming lesson.

She bathed properly, changed properly, drank her water properly, ate her snack properly like a boss.

But when the car was turning into the lane leading to the carpark, she suddenly wanted to get out of the car. She basically reached over to the lever and pulled it.

I wasn't worried because we had the child lock on, but I made a mental note to talk to her later on because it is so dangerous.

Especially since her Ah-gong's car doesn't have a child lock.

To my horror, she actually did manage to open the door (not fully but the catch went off) when we turned into the car park because the child lock was somehow undone?

And then she got pissed off because she wanted to open the door on her own but I opened it instead.

She decided she wanted to stay buckled up in the stationary car.

The hubs carried her out by force and she turned into:

A mini sized but still very incredible hulk.


Very epic meltdown.

She cried nonstop for at least a full 10 minutes before we managed to give her milk and get her changed.

No reason no logic and she doesn't hear anything we say because she's just too tired.

Like the snickers ad, you are not yourself when you are hungry.
She's not herself when she's extremely hangry. Or exhausted.

Anyway she was fast asleep after finishing her milk.

Peace out. ✌✌

A very good friend of mine came to visit and this one woke up from her nap and was all shy and clingy.

I had to call the coach again (poor guy, his ears must be itching) to make her eat her dinner.

She was her proper crazy self after dinner, zooming around the house.

Later on, my friend went to the bathroom.

👶: Where is KY jiejie?
👧: KY jiejie went to the toilet.
👶: Oh she is peeing.