She's on a roll this morning in #thingsclarissasays.

She invited herself to our bed and lay down in between us.

After five seconds, she said, "I need to take Mama duck and Bolster."
Zoomed off to grab them and joined us in bed again.

The hubs reached over to touch my arm and she said:

Daddy? Cannot touch my mummy!


👦: Cannot touch YOUR mummy? Your Mummy is MY wife lor!


And then she took the door stopper ☝☝ and played with it like it's a playground (Technically she's not wrong) and tried to squeeze the two Singas into it.

And then she asked Singa a very profound question:

Eh Singa! Why you so grumpy?

Hahahaha poor Singa.
Forced to play and cannot be grumpy.

Oh and she picked her own t-shirt this morning (thankfully only once) and said this is the ABCD shirt.

Although it really says "Hello cutie".

Don't know what's with that pose. 😅😁

My hair very messy because I'm working from home today.
We haven't packed for our holiday!
Flight is tomorrow morning.

I need to fasterly finish my work today (so much to do) and pack!

We bumped into the unfriendly neighborhood cat on our way to the carpark.

As usual the little one walked towards the cat and tried make conversation like "Hi, cat!"

And the cat looked up at her once and then looked away, completely ignoring her.

Hey Cat! Where are you looking? Hey!


I quickly got her to say bye bye to the cat before leading her to the carpark.

In case the cat buay song and attacked us. 🙈🙈

I'm genuinely scared of cats. 😅😅

Ah-gong pick-up today, even though I'm working from home.

So glad he came, because I have been working furiously since morning.

Driving over vs. Walking definitely saves time!

I asked her what she did in school today.

She said:

I sit down on the chair, wait for Auntie Joyce to call Clarissa!

Auntie Joyce is her school's admin officer and she is the one who'd announce over the PA system whenever the students get picked up.

So the little one is not wrong to say that because she really does that, but she made it sound like that's the only thing she did in school today. 😅

So helpful. 😅😁

"This one put here," She said, and you have to put it at exactly the angle she wanted.

Had a really busy day.

The little one had two crazy tantrums today after her afternoon and evening showers.. because she wanted to play with the toothpaste. 😂😁

Kept crying, got a nasty scratch from the toothpaste cover, refused to put on her clothes.

Took a while to calm her down, made sure she took a nap.. and then I worked nonstop.

She woke up slightly before 5pm, shouting from her cot, "Mummy, I wake up already!"

I carried her out of the cot.

I had a call at 530pm so I asked her if she could read books in the study room.

She said ok but when she saw me talking on the phone, she wanted my attention.

Luckily my colleague was understanding and even laughed and said she sounded cute. 😅😁

I continued working after the call and only started packing after 7pm!

Dealt with another tantrum.

Continued packing.

It's now 11pm and we finally get to nuah in bed.

Need to get up early tomorrow!