Making up for yesterday. ✌💪

The best part of my day, everyday, is coming home to her.

These days, she'd count one, two, three and dash towards me and into my arms for a hug.

She'd then do the same with Daddy.

Sometimes she'd do this at least three times.
Hug, reverse, count, dash, hug again.

It's so heart-warming. 😁

After dinner, she'd say, "Daddy, let's go!"

And lead him into her room..

To play the Peppa and George talk show. 😂😁

I love how she loves playing with her Daddy.

The little boss' bedtime routine.

👶: Mummy sits* here! (Points at the spot beside her cot)
👶: Clarissa sits there! (Points at the spot on her cot)
👶: Yaya carry me! (Raises her hands for Yaya to carry her into the cot)
👶: Where's my milk? (Looks for her milk bottle which is usually placed in the cot; lies down on the pillow)

(*Oh and the hubs marveled at how she said "sits" and not "sit". 😂)

👶: Mummy make story!
👧: OK, what story do you want to hear tonight?
👶: One little girl drinking milk and closing the eyes!

(Wah how to tell a story like this?! 😂)

👧: (Makes up a story..) Finish!
👶: Mummy sing wheels on the bus!

👧: (Starts singing)
👶: Want sing about Daddy in the bus.
👧: OK. The Daddy in the bus says?
👶: I love you! I love you! I love you!
👧: The Daddy in the bus says I love you.. all through the town.

👧: OK darling, close your eyes please.
👶: Mummy go back to your room!
👧: OK, good night then! I love you!
👶: I love youuu!
👧: I love you very much!
👶: I love you VEH MACH!


Just saw the update on her profile by her new teacher!

So funny! 😁