Playtime with Clarissa

Little miss doctor at work this morning.

I heard her asking the duck as she listened through the stethoscope:

Are you ok or not?

The duck must have said something I didn't hear, because the doctor grimaced, frowned and said, "Aiyooooo.." 😅

Checking Daddy too.

After she was done stacking the toys up, she pushed my head forward and said to me, "Mama, smell! SMELL!"

I pretended to take a sniff.

Turns out that it's a birthday cake she's making. 😁

She built this around herself and said it's her house.

And then she ran off to fetch Mama duck, and whispered to her gently, "Come, go in?"

Once seated, she said, "Press the button!" And expected the "door" to close.

She zoomed out of the room every five seconds to fetch Papa duck, Baby duck, Bolster and Pillow.

So we had to build a bigger house. 😂😁

It was time to go to Ah gong's place and I asked her to wake Daddy up.
He'd dozed off while we were playing.

She went about her task, exclaiming:

Daddy always sleeping! Why?



(Daddy's answer: Weekends are meant for resting. 😅)

While we were all busy preparing to go, she quietly went to the shoe cabinet to take her own shoes out, and both our slippers too. 😁😚

So after the visit, we took the lift with my FIL on our way to the carpark.

I was carrying the little boss while standing beside my FIL, and she strategically looked away from him.

We realised it quickly, so I turned instead to make her face him. She turned away again.

Soon we were playing this game of turning around (me) and around (her). Each time I got her to face Ah-gong, she'd quickly turn her head away again.

She finally burst out laughing as the lift door opened.

"坏蛋!" Her Ah-gong said, trying to sound stern when I think he was really amused.

She laughed cheekily.

When we parted ways at the carpark, she dutifully said goodbye and gave Ah-gong a flying kiss.

Ah-gong tried to look nonchalant about it but I could tell he was happy.

Sometimes I don't know where the little boss finds guts to do things like this. 😂

Even I sometimes still stammer a bit when I talk to my FIL. 😂😂

Yet she openly refuses to let him carry her, openly refuses to greet him.. and now she's openly teasing him.

While I always remind her to be nice to Ah-gong, I hope she realises, one day, on her own, how much he dotes on her. 😁

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