Unravelling the Mystery of the Duck duck family

Glorious comfort food III. 😂

It's work-from-home day for me and the hubs' officially in between jobs so he's free today.

We dropped the little boss off in school and headed to the market for breakfast and light shopping.

The little boss cried so sadly today.
I guess she was thinking, both of you aren't working today so why am I in school? 😂

Officially introducing Clarissa's duck duck family featuring Baby duck, Papa duck and Mama duck.

Can you spot the difference?

When @linuxess asked me about the little boss' ducks two weeks ago, I didn't think much of it when I said there's the smallest Baby duck and Papa/Mama ducks.. and I really thought Papa and Mama ducks were simply the bigger sized ones, totally interchangeable.

But in the recent week I've realised they are not.

Clarissa refers to a specific duck as Papa duck and a specific duck as Mama duck. And she's assigned them their identities without anyone telling her who's who.

I discovered it by chance one night as I tried to get her to lie down to drink her milk.

She touched one of the bigger ducks and said, "Papa duck!" but proceeded to put it beside herself before asking me, "Where's Mama duck?"

I found the other duck lying beside me and passed it to her. She smiled and said "Mama duck!" And proceeded to hug it as she drank her milk.

Since then I've been trying to test and see if Papa and Mama duck are indeed different ducks. 😂

Whenever she picks up one of the ducks I'd ask her, "Which duck is this?"

She'd answer me happily, "This is Mama duck!"

I'd pick up the other duck and ask her again, and she'd tell me it's Papa duck.

And vice versa.

I couldn't quite believe it so I asked our helper, who laughed and told me, indeed the two ducks are different in Clarissa's eyes.

To ensure it's not a fluke I tested again by deliberately giving her the "wrong" duck.

She'd reject it and look for the right one! 😅

So after a week of investigation, this is official.

Top picture: Baby, Papa, Mama
Bottom picture: Baby, Mama, Papa

The duck with the longer beak is Mama duck. Maybe because moms are more naggy? 😂

The hubs didn't believe me when I told him about my discovery. So he tested too and now he's convinced.

He said it's because Mama has a longer face. 😂😂

I can't believe I'm writing so much about ducks but I'm quite blown away, not only by her ability to tell the ducks apart, but also her creativity in assigning a character to each one of the ducks.

Where did she get the idea from?

I continue to be amazed. 😁

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