The Debate

Glorious comfort food II. 😂

Inside. 😂😂

Burning off some of my glorious comfort food over the US Presidential Debate.

I've only managed to catch the first segment on driving prosperity for the country.

Already the contrast is stark.

A well-prepared, conscientious student who tries to explain a step by step approach to an issue vs. an opportunistic, naughty student who throws random curve balls to distract, just because.

It's interesting to watch, but not for the right reasons.

Sentiment is so important, yet so dangerous.

To a bunch of jaded, disgruntled people, would you propose:
1) Taking multiple steps across multiple levels, continuing the way that has already been established, to drive small businesses and create jobs among the middle class, or
2) Directly and dramatically cut company taxes from 35% to 15% to keep jobs?

What is the importance of experience in this case, when experience does not equate to ability to drive change?

It was a crazy debate on all levels.
One rational, one irrational.. but both would make sense to some people.

I shudder to think about the future of America and the world.

Life is like a playground.
Sometimes you climb up.
Sometimes you slide down.

On my way home to these two! 😁

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